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Plexus-NSD’s mission is to give our clients the capability of cost-effectively protecting their workers, their facility, the public, and the environment from any adverse effects associated with the use of radioactivity and radiation-producing machines. Plexus-NSD has found that accomplishing this mission inherently results in regulatory compliance and litigation avoidance without jeopardizing business objectives.

Plexus-NSD executes its mission by consistently applying the following steps on every job assignment:

  • Developing a sound technical basis for every activity to be performed.
  • Codifying each activity’s technical basis in easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement instructions.
  • Making sure the client has a thorough understanding of each instruction so that it will be effectively and uniformly applied.
  • Implementing the instructions on behalf of the client only when it is cost-effective for us to do so.
  • Communicating all costs, schedules and scopes of work for each job assignment before the work begins.
  • Standing by all pre-approved schedules and costs.

The deliverables for each assignment may change, but following our mission allows Plexus-NSD to deliver to our clients the same three products – Confidence, Satisfaction, and Security.


Companies who work with radioactivity or radiation-producing machines want to protect their employees and comply with all applicable regulations. Because of our experience and our understanding of the regulatory process, Plexus-NSD is able to provide those companies with confidence that these goals are being achieved. We help by establishing technically- and experienced-based solutions that address all aspects of the problems at hand. Regulators appreciate our approach to problem-solving because it always results in a rigorous, documented means of meeting applicable requirements. And a technically-based solution gives the company a firm foundation for addressing current as well as future employee concerns. As a result, the company, its employees, and the regulators gain confidence in their ability to safety use radioactivity or radiation-producing machines.


There are many ways of solving problems that pertain to radiation and radioactivity. Very few of these are truly cost-effective, and even fewer are 100% consistent with a company’s business objectives. Plexus-NSD not only offers an in-depth knowledge of radiological issues, but our experience in working with a wide variety industries, and solving a highly-diverse list of problems means that we have a large number of standardized products that we can bring to bear for our customers. These products, which have served the test of time and regulatory/legal scrutiny, are used, whenever possible, to address a company’s needs, thus eliminating unnecessary development work. With very little effort, our products and solutions are customized to ensure consistency with the corporate environment in which they must perform. The results are programmatic costs that are at a practical minimum, and companies that have the satisfaction of knowing that each hard-earned dollar that they spent on a radiological issue was spent wisely and prudently.


Invariably, companies that use radioactivity or radiation-producing machines face new challenges for which they are not prepared. Examples might be a new regulation, an off-normal event, an over-exposure to radiation, or a lost/stolen radioactive source. It may even be a lawsuit filed by an employee, a neighbor, a customer, or an activist organization. In the tight fiscal environment of today’s corporate world, there may be insufficient in-house resources for addressing the unexpected challenges while maintaining on-going company operations. A working relationship with Plexus-NSD solves this problem by providing as needed assistance at whatever level of expertise is required. We give companies the “depth at the bench” that their radiological programs occasionally require. We offer nationally-recognized professionals with proven track records for addressing unique or unusual challenges, skilled project managers to coordinate services and personnel, and technician assistance to augment the company’s in-house staff. The need for Plexus-NSD’s support can expand or contract in response to changing needs. And, when the problem is resolved, Plexus-NSD’s participation ceases. Knowing that a broad scope of radiological services and nationally-recognized technical expertise is available to a company on an “as-needed” basis results in the security of knowing you are prepared for any programmatic eventuality.

Confidence, satisfaction, and security . . . these are the basic products that we at Plexus-NSD are proud to offer to our clients. We hope you will read through the remaining categories in this section of our web page to learn more about us, and some of the services we provide. We also hope you will give us an opportunity to show you how we can increase your own confidence, satisfaction, and security in radiological matters.