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Combination (HAZMAT and Radiation Safety) Training

Many sites and facilities licensed to possess radioactive materials are also involved in hazardous waste operations. In either event, these projects must be performed in an efficient and timely manner, with consideration for providing a safe work environment for the work force. Training is an important element in maintaining a safe work place.

On the hazardous materials side of the house, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that training be performed for employees working at temporary hazardous waste sites. That requirement, found in the General Industry Standard (29 CFR 1910, Part 120), and in the Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926.65), also calls for training for employees assigned to manufacturing facilities where they may be asked to respond to a spill or release.

On the radioactive materials side, the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) in 10 CFR 19 requires that employees who work with radioactivity be informed of the risks associated with that work and the protective actions that should be taken. Applicable Agreement State regulations have similar training requirements.

Is there a way to combine the OSHA and the USNRC (or Agreement State) training requirements into a single training program, thus reducing the amount of ‘off the job’ time for employees? Well, as a matter of fact, there is!

Plexus-NSD is pleased to offer our ‘Combination Training Course for Hazardous Waste Operations and Radioactive Material Usage’. This course, which can be delivered at either your site or at a mutually-agreeable off-site location, satisfies all of the applicable OSHA and USNRC training requirements. Each student will receive comprehensive hand-out materials, will take a proficiency examination, and will be given an opportunity to critique the course and the instructor. Students that pass the exam are given a course certificate. Your site’s safety manager or radiation safety officer will receive a copy of each course certificate, along with documentation of the topics presented and the instructor’s qualifications, and a summary of the course critiques.

New employees typically attend the Plexus-NSD Combined Training Course before they begin work or before assignment to the field location that requires this type and level of training. As required in 29 CFR 1910.120 (e), the duration of their initial training is 40 hours. Included are field exercises to demonstrate the techniques described in the classroom. To meet the USNRC (or Agreement State) requirements, incorporated into the 40 hours is a comprehensive discussion of the fundamentals of radiation protection. Radiation safety principles and practices are integrated into the examples and the demonstrations, thus satisfying the radiation safety training requirements of 10 CFR 19 and 29 CFR 1910.120 at the same time.

Plexus-NSD also offers a ‘Combination Refresher Training Course for Hazardous Waste Operations and Radioactive Material Usage’. The refresher course is designed to satisfy both USNRC (or Agreement State) and OSHA requirements for periodic re-training in both hazardous waste operations and radioactive material usage. The duration of the this course is eight (8) hours, and it includes a review of any new or changed OSHA/USNRC regulations, and another opportunity to learn effective techniques for minimizing exposures to both hazardous and radioactive materials. In addition, the course includes an explanation about the consequences of exposure to the contaminants found at the employee’s work location, a review of radiation protection fundamentals, and a discussion about other health physics, industrial hygiene, construction or industrial safety technical and implementation issues. As with the Combination Training Course, students will receive a copy of all hand-out materials, will take a proficiency exam, will be given an opportunity to critique the course and instructor and, if they pass the exam, will receive a certificate of completion. The site safety manager or radiation safety officer will receive copies of the course certificates, documentation of the topics presented and the instructor’s qualifications, and a summary of the course critiques.

To ensure a satisfactory training experience and to maximize each student’s understanding of these important safety topics, both the 40-hour and the 8-hour Combination Training offered by Plexus-NSD are taught by individuals who are Certified by the American Board of Health Physics and by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Our instructors have many years of experience in providing classroom training in compliance with the requirements of the OSHA standard, as well as nationally-recognized expertise in the areas of radiation and radioactivity. As a result, both hazardous materials and radiation safety training commitments are fulfilled.

The Plexus-NSD ‘Combined Training Course for Hazardous Waste Operations and Radioactive Material Usage’ is able to satisfy the training requirements of both OSHA and the USNRC (or applicable Agreement State) in a single class-room experience. Because we are not just instructors but actively involved in the activities being taught, we are able to customize the training to your site operations, focus the course on site-specific hazards and licensing requirements, and bring real-life experience to bear during the lectures and field exercises. And, we can provide either the 40- hour or the 8-hour course at a location and time that is convenient for you and your staff. So if you are looking for a cost-effective means of satisfying your training requirements for both hazardous and radioactive materials, we encourage you to Contact Us to learn more about this valuable and cost-effective service.