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Standards, Guidance, Regulations

Standards Agencies

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
ANSI e-Standards Store (purchase ANSI Standards for a fee)
ASTM Standards Online
Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS)
DoD ELAP (DOD accreditation program for environmental laboratories)
DOELAP (Department of Energy’s Laboratory Accreditation Program)
HPS Standards Web Page (members only may download PDF copies of HPS standards)
Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards (ISCORS)
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)
International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP)
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
National Safety Council
National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP)
Security of Radioactive Sources (PDF from IAEA)
U. S. FDA Guidance on Radioactivity in Food

Guidance Documents

Advice on Radioactivity Entering Scrap (poster courtesy of the Bureau of International Recycling)
Agency-Wide Quality System Documents (USEPA)
Analytical Methods for Ground Water & Drinking Water (USEPA)
Army (Department of the) Publications and Forms
BEIR IV, “Health Risks of Radon and Other Internally deposited Alpha-Emitters”
BEIR V, “Health Effects of Exposure to Low-levels of Radiation”
BEIR VI, “Health Effects of Exposure to Radon”
BEIR VII Phase 2 (pre-publication copy)
Blue Book (USEPA Radiogenic Cancer Risk Models)
Building Competence in Radiation Protection and the Safe Use of Radiation Sources (IAEA)
Communications Planning by the Nuclear Regulatory Body (IAEA)
Compilation of Air Pollution Emission Factors – Stationary Point and Area Sources (USEPA)
Computer Security at Nuclear Installations (IAEA)
Control of Orphan Sources in Metal Recycling (courtesy of the IAEA)
(The) Disposition Dilemna: Controling the Release of Solid Materials from USNRC Sites (courtesy of the NAS)
EML Procedures Manual (HASL-300)
EPA Radiation Guidance for CERCLA: Cleanup Levels and ARARs
EPA Test Methods Database (courtesy of Columbia Analytical Services)
Establishing the Safety Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Program (IAEA)
Exposure Factors Handbook (in PDF from the USEPA)
External Dosimetry Implementation Guide for Use with 10 CFR 835
European Commission Guidance (radiation protection publications)
European Guidelines on Quality Criteria for Computed Tomography
Federal Guidance Reports (including 11, 12 and 13)
Good Practices for Radiation Protection at Plutonium Facilities (USDOE Standard)
Handbook of Groundwater Protection and Cleanup Policies for RCRA Corrective Action  (USEPA)
ICNIRP Guidelines
ICRP 84, “Pregnancy and Medical Radiation” (Powerpoint presentation)
ICRP 86, “Accidents in Radiotherapy” (Powerpoint presentation)
ICRP 93, “Digital Radiology” (Powerpoint presentation)
ICRP Publications
Identifying Radioactive Scrap (precautionary advice from ISRI)
IEEE Radiation Detection Standards
Integrated Environmental Management System (Plexus-NSDS) Guide (courtesy of USEPA)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Store (purchase ISO Standards for a fee)
ISCORS Library of Documents
Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance Activities (a series of documents from the USDOE)
Louisiana Forms and Guidance
Management and Control of Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Medical Research X-ray Systems (PDF)
Management of Waste from the Use of Radioactive Materials in Medicine, Industry, Agriculture, Research
Managing Radioactivity in the Air Force (Air Force Instruction 40-201)
Manual for Certification of Laboratories for Analyzing Drinking Water (USEPA)
Education Safety Guide (IAEA Safety Standards Series No. WS-G-2.7)
Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents (USEPA)
MARLAP (document download)
MARSAME (document download)
MARSSIM (document download)
Meteorological and Hydrological Hazards in Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations (IAEA)
Method for Estimating Effective Dose Equivalent Using Two Dosimeters (USNRC RIS)
Monitoring for Compliance with Exemption and Clearance Levels (IAEA Safety Series 67)
National Source Tracking System (guidance from the USNRC)
New Jersey DEP Downloads
NUREG/BR-0058, “Regulatory Analysis Guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission”
NUREG/CR-4884 – Interpretation of Bioassay (Intake Retention Fractions)
NUREG-0041, “Manual of Respiratory Protection Against Airborne Radioactive Material”
NUREG-1520, “Standard Review Plan for the Review of a License Application for a Fuel Cycle Facility”
NUREG-1556 Series – Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses (USNRC)
NUREG-1556 (Vol. 19 – Reciprocity Filing)
NUREG-1608, “Categorizing and Transporting Low Specific Activity Materials and Surface Contaminated Objects”
NUREG-1640, “Radiological Assessment for Clearance of Materials from Nuclear Facilities”
NUREG-1720, “Re-evaluation of the Indoor Resuspension Factor for the Screening Analysis of the Building Occupancy Scenario for NRC’s License Termination Rule – Draft Report (USNRC)
NUREG-1736, “Consolidated Guidance 10 CFR 20: Standards for Protection Against Radiation”
NUREG-1757, “Consolidated NMSS Decommissioning Guidance”
NUREG-1761 (draft for comment), “Radiological Surveys for Controlling Release of Solid Materials”
NUREG/CR-4884 – Interpretation of Bioassay Measurements
NUREG/CR-6821, “Solubility and Leaching of SDMP Radionuclides”
Preliminary Remediation Goals (courtesy of the USEPA, Region 9)
Radiation Protection and Safety in Industrial Radiography (IAEA SS No. 13)
Radionuclide Carcinogenicity Slope Factors (USEPA HEAST)
Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material (IAEA Safety Standards Series No. TS-R-1)
Risk Assessment (EPA Radiation Guidance for CERCLA)
Service Provider Toolkit – Courtesy of the USNRC
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (USEPA, ASTM, etc. for sale)
SW-846 On-Line (Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste)
TENORM Exposure Guidelines (courtesy of National Academy Press)
Training in Radiation Protection and the Safe Use of Radiation Sources (IAEA)
Understanding Partition Coefficients in Soil (USEPA)
UNSCEAR 1972 – Ionizing Radiation: Levels and Effects
UNSCEAR 1977 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 1982 – Ionizing Radiation: Sources and Biological Effects
UNSCEAR 1986 – Genetic and Somatic Effects of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 1988 – Sources, Effects and Risks of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 1993 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 1994 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 1996 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation
UNSCEAR 2000 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation (Vol. I)
UNSCEAR 2000 – Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation (Vol. II)
UNSCEAR 2001 – Heredetary Effects of Radiation
UNSCEAR – Assessment of the Chernobyl Accident
UNSCEAR Surveys of Global Radiation Exposure
USDOE Directives, Regulations and Standards Portal
USDOE Technical Standards
Use of Effective Dose Equivalent in Place of Deep Dose Equivalent (USNRC RIS)
Users Guide for the Industrial Source Complex (ISC3) Dispersion Models (courtesy of USEPA)
USNRC Guidance on Decommissioning
USNRC Office of State Programs Procedures
USNRC Regulatory Guides
Yucca Mountain Final Radiation Protection Standards (courtesy of the USEPA)

Regulations – Federal

Army Administrative Publications
Atomic Energy Act (PDF)
Code of Federal Regulations (National Archives and Records Administration)
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
National Primary Drinking Water Regulations – 40 CFR 141 and 142 (PDF)
OSHA Regulations on Ionizing Radiation
OSHA Regulations on Non-ionizing Radiation
U.S. Code
USACE – Engineer Manuals
USEPA Laws and Regulations
USEPA Mixed Waste Final Rule (PDF)
USNRC Regulations (10 CFR)

Regulations – State

Alabama Regulations (Chapter 420-3-26)
Arkansas – Rules and Regulations for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation (PDF)
California Code of Regulations
California Health and Safety Code
Connecticut – DEP Regulations
CRCPD – Suggested State Regulations for Control of Radiation
District of Columbia – Health Regulation and Licensing
District of Columbia Municipal Regulations for Radiation
Florida Radiation Control Regulations (Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C.)
Illinois Radioactive Material Rules and Regulations
Indiana Administrative Code
Iowa Bureau of Radiological Health Rules
Kansas Radiation Protection Regulations
Kentucky Radiation Control Regulations (Chapter 100 and 105)
Louisiana – Radiation Forms, Guides and Information
Louisiana – Title 33, Part XV. Radiation Protection
Maine Rules Relating to Radiation Protection
Maryland Regulations for the Control of Ionizing Radiation (COMAR Subtitle 12)
Massachusetts Radiation Control Regulations
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Ionizing Radiation Rules
Minnesota Rules
Mississippi Regulations for Control of Radiation
Missouri – Radiation Control Regulations
Nebraska Rules (Title 180, Control of Radiation)
Nevada Aministrative Code (Chapter 459, Hazardous Materials)
New Hampshire Laws, Rules and Policy
New Jersey – List of Certified Analytical Labs
New Jersey – Radiation Protection Rules and Regulations
New Mexico – Radiation Protection Regulations
New York Department of Health Ionizing Radiation Regulations
New York Department of Labor Ionizing Radiation Protection Regulations
North Carolina Division of Radiation Protection Regulations
North Dakota Radiological Health Rules
Ohio Administrative Code (3701.1, Radiation)
Ohio Nuclear Materials Safety – Final Rules
Oklahoma – DEQ Rules and Regulations
Oregon Radiation Protection Services Rules and Regulations
Pennsylvania Code – Article V Radiological Health
Pennsylvania – Residual Waste Monitoring Plan
Rhode Island Rules and Regulations for Radiation
South Dakota Department of Health
Tennessee Radiation Control Regulations
Texas – 25 TAC Radiation Control Rules
Utah Administrative Code R313, Radiation Control
Virginia Administrative Code
Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations
Washington Radiation Protection Rules
West Virginia Radiation Protection Rules
Wisconson – Chapter DHS 157, Radioactive Materials

Regulations and Guidance – International

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – Acts and Regulations
Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources (PDF from the IAEA)
Code of Practice on the International Transboundary Movement of Radioactive Waste (from the IAEA)
Generic Models for Use in Assessing the Impact of Discharges of Radioactivity to the Environment (IAEA Safety Series No. 19 – PDF)
IAEA Guidance on Import/Export; List of National Contact Points
IAEA Safety Standards for Transport of Radioactive Material (No. TS-R-1)
Regulatory Control of Discharges to the Environment (IAEA Safety Series – PDF)

Regulations/Procedures – Other

32 CFR 655, “Radiation Sources on Army Land”
Radioactive Scrap – Be Aware! (poster courtesy of the USNRC)
USDOE Directives, Regulations, Policy and Standards Portal
USNRC Office of State and Tribal Programs Procedures