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Does the Concept Work?

You bet it does!  Since its inception in 1994, Plexus-NSD has been proud to provide radiation-related services to well over 500 clients. None of the work performed for these companies has ever been terminated prematurely, and we are gratified that Plexus-NSD’s very first clients still call on us for assistance. Not one of our clients has felt the need to augment or replace the services provided to them by Plexus-NSD. We feel that our focus on maximizing value while providing our clients with technically-defensible products is the primary reason for their loyalty and their confidence.

Plexus-NSD can provide you with confidence . . . confidence that whatever radiological problem you face will have a defensible and permanent solution that does not “break the bank”. So when the objective is clear but the pathway isn’t, contact Plexus-NSD for more information about the Plexus-NSD concept, our capabilities, our experience, our pricing strategies, to receive a list of references who will attest to the fact that Plexus-NSD stands by its claims, and for guidance on moving forward to address and resolve any radiological issue. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only ISO 9001:2008 compliant nuclear consulting and services firm in the country!