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Land Area Survey Program (Final Status & Verification Surveys)

The last time you surveyed five acres of land, it took three people a week to prepare maps, lay out grids, develop procedures, train personnel and make the measurements. Then after the data were acquired, you spent another week re-writing field records and entering data into spreadsheets. After that came the campaign to chase down all of those transcription errors.  Only then were you able to scan through the spreadsheet, look to see where measurement results were elevated, try to figure out the dimensions of the impacted area and then try to re-locate that spot for remediation a few weeks later.

There is a better way for those same five acres to be surveyed with greater precision, with no transcription errors and by only one person in less than a half of a day.  Its called the Plexus-NSD Land Area Survey Program (LASP). This comprehensive and cost-effective system for assessing residual radioactivity in open land areas covers more ground and collects more data than conventional survey procedures by far. It also presents the data in readily-repeatable and easy-to-understand and interpret formats, with quality assurance provisions that withstand even the toughest of regulatory or legal scrutiny.

The Plexus-NSD LASP is a multi-component program that starts with specially-equipped radiation detectors linked to a global positioning system (GPS) for precise data acquisition. No maps or grids are required, yet the readings can be located and re-located to within six (6) inches anywhere on the earth’s surface. Position, time and radiation instrument read-outs are acquired once each second and then safely stored away for later processing. At all times an experienced operator remains aware of the survey objectives and can quickly determine if a specific criterion has been exceeded or if site conditions demand a closer look.

When the on-site work is done, the masses of data that were captured are transferred directly into a computer-based Geographical Information System (GIS) that displays them in tabular form for easy statistical analysis.  It also provides the results in map form over photographic images of the property that is easier to understand than a hand-drawn survey map with few recorded data points that are connected by only marginally-representative isodose lines. There are no data losses and no transcription errors throughout the process.

The final and the most important component of the LASP is that survey design, objective-setting, data acquisition and final reporting are performed by individuals that are heavily credentialed (CHP and RRPT) and with many years of experience in not only radiation surveys but regulatory and legal requirements, and quality assurance. The final product you receive will not only meet your original objectives, but will be compatible with applicable regulatory drivers.

The Plexus-NSD LASP offers maximum survey coverage at a fraction of the cost of conventional survey techniques, yet it comes with the strict quality standards and the technically-defensible interpretation that facility owners and their regulators demand. It is an invaluable tool that can pay for itself quickly when applied to the following:

  • Characterizing large land areas
  • Performing final status surveys after land area remediation
  • Providing independent verification/validation data of areas that have already been surveyed and staged for release or
  • When a comprehensive assessment of site conditions is needed immediately

Its time to say goodbye to traditional radiation survey methods with their excessive cost and their data presentations that leave interpretation open to the eye of the beholder. Before you decide how you are going to address your next land area survey, we invite you to Contact Us to see how the LASP can exceed your outdoor area survey expectations at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. Our Nuclear Services Division is standing by to tell you more about fast, accurate and easily-interpreted radiation surveys from the LASP.  And if you know how much land you need to have surveyed, they would be glad to give you a firm, fixed price for the entire package!