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Gadgets, Codes & Tools

Adobe PDF Acrobat Reader (free)
AlternaTIFF Viewer (free browser for viewing Tagged Image File Format, TIFF, images)
BIOKMOD (internal dosimetry programs and factors)
Calc98 Scientific/Engineering Calculator (free download that includes periodic table)
CalculateMe (unit conversion utility)
CAP88 Version 3
Chart of the Nuclides
COMPASS (MARSSIM Implementation Software)
COMPLY (Radiation Risk Assessment Software)
Compute Your Cancer Risk (Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention)
Creating Exponential Notation Axis Labels (Excel Charts)
Creatinine Excretion Estimator (for interpreting bioassays)
Currency Converter
Decay Radiation Search (database courtesy of BNL)
Dose and Risk Calculators from Uranium (courtesy of WISE)
Dosimetry and HP Downloads (Center for Radiaton Protection Knowledge, ORNL)
Dosimetry Software (courtesy of RADAR)
EGS (“Electron Gamma Shower” Monte Carlo simulation code from SLAC)
EnviroMapper (courtesy of the USEPA)
EPI Suite (exposure assessment tools from the USEPA)
ESTAR Program (electron stopping power and range tables, courtesy of NIST)
Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation Skymap
Fetal Radiation Dose Wizard (courtesy of Duke Radiation Safety)
Find your Nearest Nuclear Power Plant (courtesy of ESRI)
FunBrain Periodic Table Game
GammaWatch Data Sheet (yes, its a watch . . . that you wear)
GAMQUEST – A computer program to identify gamma rays
Geant4 (a code to simulate the passage of particles through matter)
New  Good Calculators (collection of on-line calculation tools)
GraphPad QuickCalcs (statistics)
GraphPad Radioactivity Calculator
Health Physics Calculator and Data Bank
HotBits (genuine radom numbers generated by radioactive decay)
HOTSPOT (Health Physics Codes for the PC)
How Hot Are You? (exposure calculator from The Seattle Times)
Intake Retention Functions (spreadsheets in PDF)
Interactive Chart of the Nuclides (courtesy of BNL)
Internet Explorer (free browser)
(The) Language of the Nucleus (glossary courtesy of Scientific Digital Visions, Inc.)
LowTrack (shipping software)
MARSSIMPower2000 (survey design software)
MCNPX (Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code Extended)
Metric Conversions (a calculator for unit conversions)
Microsoft Office Download Center (free viewers for Word, Powerpoint and Excel)
National Radiation Map (courtesy of Radiation Network)
Neutron Activation Calculator (courtesy of WISE Uranium Project)
NIST Half-life Measurements
NIST Reference on Fundamental Physical Constants
Nuclear Decay Data (MIRD format)
Nuclear Fuel Population Health Risk Calculator
Nuclear Wallet Card
Online Nuclear Glossary
Nuclide Tools Software (courtesy of ERG)
Operate your own Tokomac reactor (courtesy of PPL)
Parameter Source Catalogue (pathway modeling support courtesy of ISCORS)
Particle Adventure (tour the insides of the atom)
Particle Interactions with Matter (includes SRIM, SER and IBA codes)
PeriodicTable.com (courtesy of WolframResearch)
Periodic Table . . . in “real time”
Periodic Table of the Elements (courtesy of Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Personal World Clock (make one for yourself)
PRESTO (Radiation Risk Assessment Software)
Probability of Causation – NIOSH Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program (NIOSH-IREP)
ProUCL 4.0 (Statistical software and goodness of fit courtesy of USEPA)
RADAR Software (internal and skin dose and Monte Carlo assessments from Stanford Dosimetry)
RadDecay (for a fee)
RadDecay (DOS version)
Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC at ORNL)
Radioactive Decay Calculator 1
Radioactive Orchestra (listen to the isotopes!)
Radon Toolkit v1.0
RadPro Calculator (x-ray information)
Rad Pro Calculator Online (including uranium enrichments, decay, MDC/MDA and dose rate)
Rad Toolbox (an executable program courtesy of ORNL and the USNRC)
Random.org – True Random Number Service
RealOne Player (free)
REIRView Data Validation Software – Version 3.0 (courtesy of the USNRC)
REMIT System (USNRC’s software for reporting occupational exposures)
RESRAD Family of Codes
SCALE (computer analysis for licensing evaluation)
Sealed Source Tracking Software (example from BIC Technology)
Sievert (a French site that lets you calculate your radiation dose before you fly!)
Software Listing (courtesy of the University of Michigan)
Space Radiation (space environment and effects software – for a fee)
Space Weather (current conditions)
StatPages.net (web pages that perform statistical calculations . . . lots of them!)
Statsoft (Electronic statistics textbook)
Table of Nuclides (Korean)
Tables of X-ray Mass Attenuation Coefficients
Temperature Conversions (go from Celsius to Farenheit in a wink!)
TimeAndDate.com (a guide to time zones, calendars and more)
(The) Time Now (time, weather and travel)
TinyURL.com (downsize links that are too long or fractured)
TOOLBOX (sampling design and risk management software from Waste Science Inc.)
TopoZone (topographic mapping service)
Units Converter (courtesy of the Berlin Institute of Chemistry)
Uranium Radiation Safety Toolkit v2.0 (courtesy of Environmental Instruments Canada, Inc.)
VARSKIN (computer code for skin dose assessment)
Visual Simple Plan (VSP)
WebElements (the periodic table on the www)
WinZip Archive Utility for Windows (free file compression and decompression tool)
WISE Uranium Project Calculators (various analytical aids from WISE)
X-ray risk (medical procedure risk calculator)
Zip Code Finder (courtesy of the USPS)