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Education and Careers

College Programs

Alabama A&M University
Bloomberg University – Physics and Engineering Technology
Clemson University – Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Colorado State University – Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Duke University – Health Physics Program
Excelsior College – Nuclear Engineering Technology Degrees
Francis Marion University – Department of Physics and Astronomy
Georgetown University – Health Physics Program
Georgia Institute of Technology
Health Physics Education Reference Book (learn about colleges with HP degrees)
Idaho State University – Health Physics Program
Idaho State University – “The Radiation Information Network”
Kansas State University – Physics Department
Illinois Institute of Technology
Louisiana State University – Department of Physics and Astronomy
McGill University – Environmental Safety Office
McMaster University – Nuclear Engineering and Science
National Technological University – Health Physics Program
Northwestern University – Environmental Engineering
Ohio State University – Nuclear Engineering Program
Oregon State University – Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics
Penn State – Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Purdue University – School of Health Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute – Nuclear Engineering
San Diego State University (SDSU) – College of Sciences
Stanford University – Department of Environmental Health and Safety
Texas A&M – Department of Nuclear Engineering
Thomas Edison State College – School of Applied Sciences and Technology
University of California Berkeley – Nuclear Engineering
University of Florida – Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
University of Michigan – Radiation and Health Physics Page
University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Department of Health Physics
University of Wisconsin Madison – Engineering Physics
Vanderbilt University – Department of Physics and Astronomy

Internet Education (Distance Learning)

CECOS Environmental Training
HAZWOPER and OSHA Training (e-Training)
Homework Help (expert homework help on physics, etc. . . . for a fee)
How to Use Hand-Held Survey Instruments (a video courtesy of the CDC)
Master of Health Physics via the Internet (Illinois Institute of Technology)
NDT Course Material (courtesy of NDT Resource Center)
Online Physics Courses (free courtesy of Coursera)
Operational Health Physics (courtesy of the USDOE)
OSHA Safety Training (National Environmental Trainers, Inc.)
OSHA Safety Training (Safety Unlimited, Inc.)
Radiation Safety Training (online course from Earnshaw Environmental)
Radiological Emergency Management IS-3 (courtesy of FEMA)
Radiological Emergency Response IS-301 (courtesy of FEMA)
Tritium Exit Signs, Responsible Management (courtesy of Trainex)

Training (General)

ABCs of Nuclear Science (courtesy of LBL)
Amateur Radiation and Experimentation Page
Center for Continuing Professional Education (Harvard School of Public Health)
Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP)
Emergency Management Institute (training for emergencies)
Emergency Preparedness Training Tools and Videos (courtesy of the CDC)
Free Training Material (courtesy of the IAEA)
Guide to Safe Handling of Radioactive Materials (manual from Perkin Elmer)
Laser Safety Program (University of Pennsylvania)
Newbyte Physics Software (commercial)
On-line Radiation Safety Training (for a fee)
Operational Health Physics Training Manual (H. Moe’s famous training tool courtesy of NukeWorker.com)
ORISE Student/Faculty Educational Opportunities
Overview of Training Methodology for Accident Management at Nuclear Power Plants (IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1440)
Plants (IAEA TECDOC Series No. 1440)
Physics for Future Presidents (Youtube presentation)
Radiation and Radioactivity (University of Michigan)
Radiation Safety (courtesy of North Carolina State)
Radiation Safety (courtesy of Princeton University)
Radiation Safety Program (University of Pennsylvania)
Radiation Safety Training (online course from Earnshaw Environmental)

Radiological Training Services, LLC (radiation safety training videos)
RADUCATION (courtesy of the Ohio Department of Health)
Science Education Programs (courtesy of USDOE)
Software for Web-based Training (Macromedia Authorware)
Teacher’s Area (courtesy of the Health Physics Society)
Training Materials for Research Reactor Emergencies (courtesy of IAEA)
Virtual Training Center – Safety (University of Kansas)


Health Physicists – A Breed Apart (pdf)
Health Physics Enrollments and Degrees Brief – 2002 (courtesy of ORISE)
Health Physics Society Employment Page
HP Salary Information Page (courtesy of Bruce Busby)
Is a career in Health Physics for you? (courtesy of the HPS)
Labor Market Trends for HPs Through 2005 (1999 update – PDF)
Radiation Information Network’s Health Physics Employment Listing
Salary Information for Health Physicists (ORISE)
USAJOBS (Federal Government employment opportunties)