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Radiation Risks

Acute Radiation Syndrome (courtesy of the CDC)
Avoiding Skin Injuries from Fluoroscopy (courtesy of FDA)
BEIR IV, “Health Risks of Radon and Other Internally deposited Alpha-Emitters”s
BEIR V, “Health Effects of Exposure to Low-levels of Radiation”
BEIR VI, “Health Effects of Exposure to Radon”
Benefits of Medical Radiation Exposures
Blue Book (USEPA Radiogenic Cancer Risk Models)
Cancer Mortality Maps & Graphs (courtesy of NCI)
Cancer Risk from Low Level Radiation (PDF courtesy of Bernard L. Cohen)
Catalogue of Risks (PDF courtesy of Bernard L. Cohen)
Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR)
Comparing Nuclear Accident Risks with Those from Other Energy Sources (PDF courtesy of NEA)
Follow-up of Delayed Health Consequences of Acute Accidental Radiation Exposure (PDF from IAEA)
Hanford Thyroid Disease Study
Hazards of Tanning Beds (courtesy of the FDA)
Health Effects of Low-level Radiation (ANS position paper in PDF)
Health Hazards Associated with Interviewing Antinuclear Activists (PDF from Stabin and Frame)
IEEE Podcast, “Radiation’s Big Lie”
(The) Hiroshima Syndrome (nuclear power myth busting)
Low Dose Radiation Hormesis & Adaptive Response Web Site
(The) LNT Should be Rejected (B. Cohen)
Nasopharyngeal Radium Irradiation – Radiation Studies
Nuclear Radiation and Health Effects (courtesy of the World Nuclear Association)
Perspectives on Radiation Risks
Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Residential Electric and Magnetic Fields (NAS publication)
Possible Health Effects of Radiation Exposure on Unborn Babies (courtesy of CDC)
Protection Against the Hazards of UVR
Radiation Hormesis and Adaptive Response
Radon and Health (PDF information sheet from the WHO)
Review of the Draft Report of the NCI-CDC Working Group to Revise the 1985 Radioepidemiologial Tables
Risk Analysis of Buried Waste from Electricity Generation (PDF courtesy of Bernard L. Cohen)
Risk Assessment (EPA Radiation Guidance for CERCLA)
Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water
Risk Estimates of Low-level Ionizing Radiation
Safety of Radioactive Material Transportation (with photos from crash tests!)
Test of the LNT Theory of Carcinogensis from Radon (PDF courtesy of Bernard L. Cohen)
Toxicological Profile Information Sheets (courtesy of ATSDR)
UNSCEAR 2006 (Effects of Ionizing Radiation)
U. S. Radiologic Technologists Study (occupational epidemiology)