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Initial Consultation

Before investing money in the services of a consultant, Plexus-NSD invites prospective clients to take advantage of our Initial Consultation on radiological, industrial hygiene, environmental or general compliance issues as a way of getting to know us and the quality of work we do. During a consultation with one of our Certified Health Physicists or Certified Industrial Hygienists, which takes place at your site and lasts for up to four hours, we will discuss the current status of the facility’s involvement in the issue at hand, the facility’s relationship with federal and state regulatory agencies, review relevant data and information, and, if appropriate, do a brief walk-over of the plant/facility. At the completion of the on-site visit, you will receive a letter report of findings, a summary of alternative actions, a recommended “action plan”, and a cost estimate for implementing the plan.

There is a good chance that the Initial Consultation alone will provide you with a sufficiently comprehensive solution to whatever the matter might be . . . meaning that no further work by Plexus-NSD on this issue is necessary. In any event, there is never an obligation to contract Plexus-NSD for additional work after the Initial Consultation is complete.

Plexus-NSD urges management, environmental, and health/safety personnel at facilities facing radiological, environmental, regulatory or enforcement issues to consider the benefits of the our Initial Consultation and the valuable strategic information that it provides. The cost of this service is only $500.  In return, you will receive useful information, you will have an opportunity to evaluate the professionalism of Plexus-NSD’s staff and deliverables, you will have guidance on where to go next in order to address the problem or issue at hand, and you will walk away with a full understanding of what it will cost to get there.

If you are considering the services of a firm like Plexus-NSD, and if you believe our Initial Consultation would be helpful in your decision-making process, Contact Us. An Plexus-NSD Certified Health Physicist will work with you to provide you with whatever additional information you need, and/or to schedule your on-site.