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The Plexus-NSD Advantage

Plexus-NSD was founded by professionals with diverse and relevant operational and regulatory experience, prominent standing within the engineering and consulting industry, and a global (yet realistic) view of regulatory drivers. Each has in-depth knowledge of policy-making matters, long years of technical and management experience, and a demonstrated track record of solving compliance and legal problems to the benefit of clients.

Plexus-NSD applies knowledge and experience to give our clients the confidence that all radiation-related issues are addressed comprehensively. We serve as a virtual extension of the client’s organization by providing the appropriate assistance only when it is needed. We promote cost savings by using standardized products and resources that have been proven over time, and whose development costs have long ago been recovered from successful work that Plexus-NSD has performed for others.

When Plexus-NSD leads a multi-disciplinary effort, we act as the client’s agent to ensure that all work is performed rigorously and cost-effectively. We provide assurance, based on our experience, that any actions taken by the team on behalf of the client serve their intended purpose. When Plexus-NSD participates as a team member, we respond in the manner we expect of our own subcontractors . . in a timely, technically-sound, non-competing and cost-conscious manner.