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When called upon to assume a leadership role in addressing compliance issues, Plexus-NSD works with our client and their legal counsel to develop a thorough understanding of the nature of the problem(s) at hand. Our experience in a broad spectrum of industries allows us to focus on the pertinent issues from both the client’s and the regulator’s perspective. We then work with the client, their legal counsel and applicable regulatory authorities to develop a viable strategy and to implement action plans designed to achieve a timely and effective solution. One measure of our success in this area is that regulators often reduce the number of site visits they make to client sites once an Plexus-NSD plan or program has been approved.

Plexus-NSD then maintains an interface between the client, their legal counsel and applicable regulatory authorities as the plan is implemented. We will manage all aspects of projects ranging from simple sampling and analysis campaigns to major decontamination and decommissioning efforts involving multiple specialty services and complicated permitting activities. Plexus-NSD will stay involved until plan implementation is complete, and until all parties agree that a solution has been achieved.

Frequently, the solution to a client’s problem involves multiple issues and requires a multidisciplinary approach. When this is the case, Plexus-NSD does not attempt to address such problems using only our in-house expertise. We have found that it is far more cost-effective to establish teams of companies to solve these problems, with the individual team members supplying demonstrated expertise in the different disciplines required. In establishing such teams, Plexus-NSD stays focused on our specialties – the nuclear issues, an understanding of the client’s overall problem and objectives, and the ultimate solution. Team members contribute in their area of expertise, with Plexus-NSD providing the performance objectives and integrating the overall effort.

Throughout the process, the client has the advantage of being able to work with each team member as needed while still having Plexus-NSD responsible for team performance (technical and financial). Plexus-NSD’s commitment is to providing value, to accepting the responsibility for work delegated to us by our clients, to ensuring that regulators are satisfied with the plan and its implementation, and to requiring our subcontractors to deliver on the work products to which they commit.