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Medical Physical Resources

1 UltraRad.com (diagnostic imaging resources)
ACC/AHA Consensus Document on Computed Tomography for Coronary Artery Disease
Acute Radiation Syndrome: Fact Sheet for Physicians (PDF)
Amber Diagnostics (purveyors of pre-owned medical equipment)
American Association of Physicists in Medicine
American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)
American College of Radiology
American Journal of Roentgenology (archive of online issues)
Anazao Health (radiopharmaceuticals and brachytherapy supplies)
Answers to your Radiation Therapy Questions (courtesy of ASTRO)
Biodex Medical Systems (nuclear medicine supplies and accessories)
Capintec, Inc. (medical equipment supplier)
CardinalHealth (medical radiation instrumentation and support)
Cardiolite (PDF package insert)
CDRH Organ Dose Handbooks for Diagnostic Radiology (courtesy of FDA)
Center for Devices and Radiological Health (FDA)
Clinical Magnetic Resonance Society (CMRS)
Clinical Training of Medical Physicists Specializing in Nuclear Medicine (IAEA Training Course 50)
Compendia of Dose Estimates from Radiopharmaceuticals, etc. (courtesy of ORAU)
CSP Medical (nuclear medicine and PET supplies/equipment)
Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides: Guidance on Facility Design and Production of 18FDG (courtesy of IAEA)
Dental Intraoral Patient Exposures
Doses from Medical Radiation Sources (courtesy of Mike Stabin and the HPS)
Electronic Products Performance Standards (final rule on mammography from the FDA)
European Guidance on Estimating Population Dose from Medical Procedures (Report No. 154, zip)
Guidelines for Setting Up a Cyclotron Facility (PDF from IAEA)
IBA Molecular (radiopharmaceuticals; formerly Eastern Isotopes)
ImPACT (CT scanner evaluation Center)
IsoRay, Inc. (brachytherapy seeds, etc.)
Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine (courtesy of Harvard University)
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (online access to current issues)
Journal of Nuclear Medicine (online access to current issue)
Justification of Medical Exposure in Diagnostic Imaging (courtesy of IAEA)
Low Dose Information Center (courtesy of Siemens)
Measurement, Reporting and Management of CT Doses (AAPM Report 96)
Medical Device Interactions with MRI Systems (courtesy of FDA)
Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board (MDCB)
Medical Physics Links (courtesy of MPC)
Medical Physics Online
Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit (courtesy of the USNRC)
MedPhys Files
MedWatch (FDA Medical Products Reporting Program)
(The) Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Model Regulations for Electronic Brachytherapy (AAPM Report No. 152)
MRI Safety Information
Nationwide Evaluation of X-ray Trends (NEXT for CT)
Nuclear Cardiology:  Its Role in Cost Effective Care (courtesy of IAEA)
Nuclear Data for the Production of Therapeutic Radionuclides (courtesy of IAEA)
Nuclear Medicine Nomenclature Guide
Nuclear Medicine on the World Wide Web (courtesy of the UT Houston Medical Physics Program)
Nuclear Medicine Resources Manual (PDF courtesty of IAEA)
Nuclear Medicine Teaching File (courtesy of MIR)
Nuclear Pharmacy Vendors
OncoSeed (I-125 implant information from Amersham)
Patient Exposure Radiation Dose Calculator (courtesy of RADAR)
Patient Radiation Exposure Information (courtesy of MDCH)
“PET and PET/CT Shielding Requirements” AAPM Task Group 108. Medical Physics, Vol 33, Issue 1 (2006)
Pharma Lexicon (a dictionary of pharmaceutical medicine)
Pioneers of Nuclear Medicine
Planning a Clinical PET Centre (courtesy of the IAEA)
Positron (a pioneer in PET imaging)
Prevention of High-Dose Brachytherapy Accidents (ICRP 97)
Quality Assurance Programs for Digital Mammography (IAEA HHS 17)
Radcal Corporation (diagnostic system instruments)
Radiation Dose Estimates for Radiopharmaceuticals (NUREG/CR-6345)
Radiation Dose Estimates for Radiopharmaceuticals (courtesy of ORISE)
Radiation Oncology Home Page (radiotherapy.com)
Radiation Protection in Newer Medical Imaging Techniques: CT/PET (IAEA Safety Series No. 58)
Radiation Treatment Information for Patients (courtesy of ASTRO)
Radiocat (treatment of feline hypothyroidism)
Radiological Protection for Medical Exposure to Ionizing Radiation (IAEA Safety Guide)
Radiology Info (diagnosis and therapy)
Radiopharmaceutical Package Inserts (by generic name)
Release of Patients after Radionuclide Therapy (PDF from IAEA)
Routine Compliance Testing for Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Courtesy of CDRH)
RT Answers (Answers to your radiation therapy questions)
Safety in Medical Imaging Procedures
Sanders Medical Products (PET and nuclear medicine sources)
Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators
Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM)
Steris (sterilization solutions)
Thyro-Cat (treatment of feline hyperthyroidism)
What is Brachytherapy? (courtesy of California Endocurietherapy Cancer Center)