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Plexus-NSD provides radiation-related consulting and services to a broad range of commercial and government clients.  With offices in Ohio, Virginia and Maryland, we stand ready to work with you on any challenge that has either a planned or unexpected radiation-related component.

Plexus-NSD offers the services of a staff of Certified Health Physicists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Registered Radiation Protection Technologists, all of whom can work as an extension of your organization.  They stand ready to confer with you to understand the issue at hand, provide guidance on how to approach and resolve the problem, and, if so desired, take care of the radiological matter in its entirety, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on your day-to-day business responsibilities.

Plexus-NSD’s services different from those from other consulting firms because we utilize our large inventory of standardized products and resources that have been proven over time, and whose development costs have long ago been recovered from successful work that Plexus-NSD has performed for others . . . and we never re-create a solution if one we have implemented many times before will solve the problem. Plexus-NSD’s staff of professionals are skilled in visualizing the solution to a problem, from start to finish, and in selecting/applying/customizing our standardized products when there is a benefit of doing so. Our references will attest to our ability to:

  • Develop technically-sound, legally-defensible programs and procedures for site/facility characterization, health and safety compliance, personnel exposure control, site closure, regulatory interactions, and other issues
  • Evaluate whether specific sites/locations pose a radiological risk to people
  • Evaluate alternative follow-up actions
  • Provide input on regulatory issues that may impact any decisions that are made
  • Facilitate communications on technical issues

Our consultants have decades of experience in developing, managing, critiquing, and upgrading industrial hygiene and radiation safety programs for both commercial and government clients.  Each has been actively involved in all aspects of health and safety including regulatory compliance, site decommissioning, program evaluation, applied health physics, occupational safety, training and project management. They have also implemented the elements of a comprehensive radiation protection program in research, analytical and medical settings where nuclear medicine and tracer research was being performed.  They have also served as consultants to large number of government and commercial facilities, and thus knows “what it takes” to solve the problem at hand quickly, efficiently, and to the satisfaction of regulators and the law.