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The U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) maintains a compilation of staff positions on a number of topics involving radiation and radioactivity.  The stated purpose of these positions is to ensure agency uniformity in all licensing, inspection, and enforcement actions.  Although the entries into the data base are relatively old, they offer some interesting insights into the thinking and the intent of the agency at the time the position was taken .  In many cases, the staff position has not changed since the original date of issue.

Plexus-NSD refers to the NRC’s position statements in the course of doing work for clients, and is often rewarded with some interesting nuggets of information.  However, the data base can be somewhat cumbersome to sort through when looking for information on a particular topic.  We therefore offer the following listing of the position papers that are in the NRC’s data base, sorted by general radiation protection topics.

[spoiler title=”Accountability” style=”2″]
  • Violations of 10 CFR 20.207 (a) or (b), “Security of Stored Material in Unrestricted Areas” (HPPOS No. 56)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Audits” style=”2″]
  • Significant Finding, Big Rock Point Health Physics Appraisal (HPPOS No. 23)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Contamination Control” style=”2″]
  • Lower Limit of Detection (LLD) for Potentially Contaminated Oil (HPPOS No. 221)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Boston, MA; Release to Unrestricted Area of Animals Containing Iodine-131 (HPPOS No. 286)
  • Decontamination Limits for Americium-241 (HPPOS No. 183)
  • Clarification of Several Aspects of Removable Radioactive Surface Contamination Limits for Transport Packages (HPPOS No. 64)
  • Guide on “How Hard You Have to Look” as Part of Radioactive Contamination Control Program (HPPOS No. 72)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Authorization of Employee Eating and Drinking Areas in Labs at Veterans Administration Medical Center, Martinez, California (HPPOS No. 318)
  • Guidelines for Decontamination of Facilities and Equipment (July 1982 Revision) (HPPOS No. 44)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington,DC, Guidance on Setting Action Levels for Exemption from Requirement to Decontaminate Therapy Room for Unrestricted Use (HPPOS No. 321)
  • Contamination of Nonradioactive System and Resulting Potential for Unmonitored, Uncontrolled Release of Radioactivity to the Environment (HPPOS No. 79)
  • Control of Radioactively Contaminated Material (HPPOS No. 71)
  • Contaminated Soil at Big Rock Point (HPPOS No. 42)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Control of Work” style=”2″]
  • Access Control to High Radiation Areas at Nuclear Power Plants (HPPOS No. 234)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Use of Portable Shields for a High Dose Rate Afterloader Facility at Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C. (HPPOS No. 317)
  • Access Control to High Radiation Areas – Turkey Point (HPPOS No. 14)
  • Request for Comments on Responses to Licensee Questions on High Radiation Area Controls (HPPOS No. 237)
  • Access Controls for Spent Fuel Storage Pools (HPPOS No. 245)
  • Installation of Fixed Gauges (HPPOS No. 305)
  • Response to Region II Interpretation for Control of High Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 68)
  • Applicability of Access Controls for Spent Fuel Pools (HPPOS No. 16)
  • Redefinition of Restricted Area Boundaries to Exclude an Area to be used for Residential Quarters (HPPOS No. 251)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Decommissioning” style=”2″]
  • Technical Assistance Request, Interpretation of 10 CFR Part 40 and Certain Decommissioning Issues Regarding Fixed Contamination (HPPOS No. 284)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 83-23, “Termination of Byproduct, Source and Special Nuclear Material Licenses” (HPPOS No. 266)
  • Technical Assistance Request: Application of the Financial Assurance Requirement in 10 CFR 30.35, 40.36, and 70.25 to Waste Brokers Located in Agreement States (HPPOS No. 309)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Westinghouse Electrical Company, Evaluation of Residual Contamination (HPPOS No. 292)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Schering Plough Corporation, Release of a Facility for Unrestricted Use (HPPOS No. 277)
  • Exceptions for EcoTek, Inc., as a Decommissioning Contractor (HPPOS No. 281)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Distribution” style=”2″]
  • Transfer by an NRC Licensee of Radioactive Material or of Radioactive-Contaminated Facility Components to theDepartment of Energy (HPPOS No. 155)
  • Licensing of Dial Painting Activities by Jewelers and Watch Repairers (HPPOS No. 142)
  • Transfer of Exempt Quantities of By-product Material from a Nuclear Power Plant (HPPOS No. 189)
  • Authorizations Under 10 CFR 40.22, General License (HPPOS No. 200)
  • Letter Dated February 6, 1978 … Regarding Redistribution of Backlighted Dials (HPPOS No. 136)
  • Applicability of Federal Regulations to NRC Licensees Transfer of Radiative Materials to DOE for Shipment (HPPOS No. 208)
  • No License is Required for a Person to Receive Exempt Quantity Byproduct Material (HPPOS No. 131)
  • Distribution of Products Irradiated in Research Reactors (HPPOS No. 95)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Heritage Minerals, Inc., Possession and Transfer of Monazite-Rich Product (HPPOS No. 301)
  • Transfer of Reactor Activated Materials to Persons Exempt (HPPOS No. 203)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Effluent Monitoring” style=”2″]
  • Corrections for Sample Conditions for Air and Gas Monitoring (HPPOS No. 88)
  • Effluent Reporting Requirement Per 10 CFR 20.405 (a), “Reports of Overexposures and Excessive Levels and Concentrations” (HPPOS No. 52)
  • EPA Inspections for Compliance with NPDES Permits Issued to NRC Licensees (HPPOS No. 115)
  • Generic Guidance on Preplanned Alternative Method for High Range Noble Gas Monitoring (HPPOS No. 39)
  • 10 CFR 20.303 (d) – Disposal by Release Into Sanitary Sewerage Systems (HPPOS No. 158)
  • Monitoring of Radioactive Release Via Storm Drains (HPPOS No. 7)
  • Relaxation of Definition of Source Check in Reference to Effluent Radiation Monitors (HPPOS No. 229)
  • Attention to Liquid Dilution Volumes in Semiannual Radioactive Effluent Release Reports (HPPOS No. 99)
  • Particulate Sampling Line Bend Radii (HPPOS No. 6)
  • Effluent Radiation Monitor Calibrations (HPPOS No. 40)
  • Response to Inquiry Regarding Deletion of NRC Water Quality Requirements from Maine Yankee (HPPOS No. 111)
  • Lower Technical Specification Limit of Detection for Liquid Effluents (HPPOS No. 171)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Emergency Response” style=”2″]
  • SECY-81-19 on Emergency Response Facilities (HPPOS No. 110)
  • Inspection Guidance on 10 CFR 50.72, “Immediate Notification Requirement for Operating Power Reactors” (HPPOS No. 65)
  • Request for Interpretation of 10 CFR 35.33 (c) Regarding Diagnostic Misadministration Reporting Threshold Levels (HPPOS No. 270)
  • Reportability of Operating Event (HPPOS No. 222)
  • 10 CFR 50.72, Applicability of Notification Requirement to Non-Power Reactors (HPPOS No. 174)
  • Reporting of Damaged Portable Moisture-Density Gauges (HPPOS No. 322)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Misadministration at Hutzel Hospital, Detroit, MI (HPPOS No. 304)
  • Legal Interpretation of the Misadministration Reporting Requirements as Applied to the Incident at Tripler Army Medical Center (HPPOS No. 297)
  • Definition of Unplanned Release (HPPOS No. 254)
  • Clarification of the 11 Criteria of NUREG-0737 on Postaccident Sampling System (PASS) Capability (HPPOS No. 11)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Enforcement” style=”2″]
  • Response to Questions Concerning Enforcement of 40 CFR 190, “EPA Uranium Fuel Cycle Standard” (HPPOS No. 8)
  • Criteria in NUREG Are Not Substitutes for Regulations (HPPOS No. 74)
  • Authority to Penalize Willful False Exposure of Personnel Monitoring Device and Other Hoaxes (HPPOS No. 176)
  • Enforcement Pertaining to Unauthorized Users and Unauthorized Materials (HPPOS No. 26)
  • Apparent Unauthorized Use of Byproduct Material, Resurrection Hospital, Chicago, Illinois (HPPOS No. 156)
  • Enforcement Discretion by NRC Concerning Violations that are Self-Identifying (HPPOS No. 244)
  • Request for NRR Follow-Up on Environmental Samples with Levels Greater Than Final Environmental Statement (FES) Estimates (HPPOS No. 9)
  • Processing of Transportation Enforcement Cases Based on Third Party Data Collected by Agreement State Agencies (HPPOS No. 58)
  • Lead Shielding Attached to Safety Related Systems Without 10 CFR 50.59 Evaluations (HPPOS No. 91)
  • Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital – Violation of 10 CFR 19.16 (c) (HPPOS No. 123)
  • Selection of Appropriate Enforcement Action for Gamma Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. (HPPOS No. 154)
  • Enforcement of License Conditions in Material Licenses (HPPOS No. 59)
  • Request for Retraction of Violation by Dairyland Power Cooperative (HPPOS No. 130)
  • Enforcement of Regulatory Guides (HPPOS No. 113)
  • Degree of Proof Necessary in a Regulatory Enforcement Action (HPPOS No. 112)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Exemptions” style=”2″]
  • Technical Assistance Request, BP International Limited Request for an Exemption from 10 CFR 20.202 (c). (HPPOS No. 268)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Community Memorial Hospital, Toms River, NJ, Regarding Exemption from 10 CFR 35.75 (b) (HPPOS No. 314)
  • Technical Assistance Request, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, Regarding Exemption from 10 CFR 35.315 (a) (7) (HPPOS No. 316)
  • Application of 10 CFR 40.13 (c) (1) (vi) (HPPOS No. 29)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Licensee’s Request for an Exemption to 10 CFR 35.49 (a) (HPPOS No. 308)
  • Technical Assistance Request for Guidance on Exemption / Modification Per 10 CFR 34.20 to Industrial Radiography Equipment (Source Guide Tube) (HPPOS No. 293)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 92-03, “Exemptions from 10 CFR 35.400 for Uses Not Currently Authorized for Iridium-192 Seeds Encased in Nylon Ribbon and Palladium-103 Seeds as Brachytherapy Sources” (HPPOS No. 260)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Interpretation of the 10 CFR 30.13 Exemption (HPPOS No. 275)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Exposure Control” style=”2″]
  • Guidance on Reporting Doses to Members of the Public from Normal Operations (HPPOS No. 140)
  • IE Position – Unduly Restricted Access of Female NRC Inspectors to Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 55)
  • Requests by Reactor Licensees That Women Inspectors Sign Statements That They are not Pregnant (HPPOS No. 249)
  • Overexposure of Diver During Work in Fuel Storage Pool (HPPOS No. 2)
  • Requests by Licensees that Women Inspectors Acknowledge Discriminatory Administrative Dose Limits Imposed on Them (HPPOS No. 252)
  • Enforcement Guidance Concerning “Substantial Potential” for Overexposure or Release …. (HPPOS No. 232)
  • Personnel Monitoring Requirements for an NRC/Agreement State Licensed Contractor Working at a Part 50-Licensed Facility (HPPOS No. 47)
  • Enforcement Policy For Hot Particle Exposure – Answers to Three Questions (HPPOS No. 246)
  • Errors in Dose Assessment Computer Codes and Reporting Requirements Under 10 CFR Part 21 (HPPOS No. 41)
  • Blind Spiking of Personnel Dosimeters and the Inspection Program (HPPOS No. 224)
  • Determination of Radiation Exposure from Dosimeters (HPPOS No. 186)
  • Guidance – Use of NRC Form 4 – Listing of Exposure Periods (HPPOS No. 50)
  • Consideration of Measurement Uncertainty When Measuring Radiation Levels Approaching Regulatory Limits (HPPOS No. 223)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”General” style=”2″]
  • Gasket Defects (HPPOS No. 100)
  • Ex Parte Communication (HPPOS No. 126)
  • Guidance on Test conditions for Activated Charcoal Using Methyl Iodide (HPPOS No. 69)
  • Acceptance for Referencing, RADMAN Topical Report (WMG-102, as Revised from WMG-101P) (HPPOS No. 288)
  • Farley 1 & 2 – 10 CFR Part 20 Exemption Request, MSA GMR-I Canister (Part No. 466220) Radioiodine Protection Factor (HPPOS No. 37)
  • Clarification of 10 CFR 50.72 with respect to Maine Yankee (HPPOS No. 101)
  • Safety Significance and Discussion About Important Matters (HPPOS No. 125)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Evaluation of Comments on NRC Information Notice for Ophthalmic Applicators (NRC IN 90-59) (HPPOS No. 273)
  • Clarification of Nuclear Power Plant Staff Working Hours (HPPOS No. 253)
  • Licensing of Nuclear Materials for Use on the High Seas and in Antarctica (HPPOS No. 198)
  • Employee Protection from Employers for Revealing Safety Violations (HPPOS No. 141)
  • 10 CFR 31.5 (c) (9): Aircraft at “Particular Location” (HPPOS No. 137)
  • Explosive Detectors for Use at Airports (HPPOS No. 196)
  • Boeing Company Request Concerning Depleted Uranium Counterweights (HPPOS No. 206)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, Policy Guidance Concerning Use of Xenon-133 in Saline (HPPOS No. 319)
  • Applicability of Generic Letter 82-12 to Radiation Protection Staff (HPPOS No. 173)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Staff Working Hours (HPPOS No. 24)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Import/Export” style=”2″]
  • Import of Cigarette Plates Containing Source Material (HPPOS No. 201)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Inspections” style=”2″]
  • Avoidance of Mischaracterization of Effect of Certain Communications to Licensees (HPPOS No. 57)
  • Use of “Open Items List” by Inspectors (HPPOS No. 139)
  • Applicability of State Regulations on NRC Inspectors (HPPOS No. 54)
  • Inspector Access to Facilities (HPPOS No. 164)
  • Protocol for Accompaniment on NRC Inspections (HPPOS No. 108)
  • Consideration of NRC Independent Measurement Samples as “Research” Pursuant to 49 CFR 175.700 (c) and 172.204 (c) (4) (HPPOS No. 161)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Instrumentation” style=”2″]
  • Averaging of Radiation Levels Over the Detector Probe Area (HPPOS No. 13)
  • Technical Assistance Request Regarding Electronic Calibration of Survey Instruments (HPPOS No. 279)
  • Proper Operation and Use of Alarm Dosimeters at Nuclear Power Plants (HPPOS No. 327)
  • Proposed Guidance for Calibration and Surveillance Requirements to Meet Item II.F.1 of NUREG-0737 (HPPOS No. 1)
  • Clarification of Regulatory Guide 1.21, Section C.10, “Sensitivity” (HPPOS No. 122)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Licensing” style=”2″]
  • Technical Assistance Request, Clarification of 10 CFR 35.50 (b) (1) (HPPOS No. 280)
  • 10 CFR 40.14 is Not to be Used for Issuing Exemption Licenses (HPPOS No. 135)
  • License Condition, “… Used by or Under the Supervision of …” (HPPOS No. 25)
  • License Requirement for Facilities Repairing Contaminated Equipment (HPPOS No. 132)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Regarding Mediq Imaging, Inc., Providing Service to a Private Practice (Non-licensee) Located within a Hospital (HPPOS No. 320)
  • Request for Interpretation of 10 CFR 39.47, “Radioactive Markers” (HPPOS No. 272)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 92-04, “Issuance of New Licenses for Material Use Programs” (HPPOS No. 261)
  • License Requirements Which Stipulate Specific Individuals (HPPOS No. 182)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, MO; Authorization to Manipulate Low-Dose Afterloading Brachytherapy Devices (HPPOS No. 310)
  • Licensing for Crushing of Uranium Ore per 10 CFR 40.4 (k) (HPPOS No. 184)
  • Technical Assistance Request, SteriGenics International, Authorization to Increase the Limit on Pool Water Conductivity (HPPOS No. 299)
  • Interpretative Letter No. 76-02, “Radiography, Agreement State Licensed Materials Aboard U.S. Ships” (HPPOS No. 119)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Capintec Instruments, Inc., Request for Definition of Sealed Source as Used in 10 CFR 30.35 (HPPOS No. 311)
  • Meaning of the Expression “Dose Equivalent Xe-133” in the Technical Specifications (HPPOS No. 102)
  • Government Licensee (HPPOS No. 269)
  • Licensing of Depleted Uranium Shielding for Use in Possessing of Mo-99 / Tc-99m Generator (HPPOS No. 191)
  • Implementation of Policy and Guidance Directive FC 86-2, Revision 1, “Processing Material License Applications Involving Change of Ownership (HPPOS No. 257)
  • Supplement to Policy and Guidance Directive FC 84-20, “Impact of Revision of 10 CFR Part 51 on Materials Licensing Actions” (HPPOS No. 256)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Statements of Intent by Government “Controlled” Entities (HPPOS No. 315)
  • Authority of Agreement States Concerning Their Licensees Working at DOE Facilities (HPPOS No. 197)
  • Technical Assistance Request Regarding Issues in Several U.S. Air Force Submittals Dated February 15, 1990, March 26, 1990, and October 23, 1990 (HPPOS No. 283)
  • NRC’s Jurisdiction at U.S. Armed Forces Bases Abroad (HPPOS No. 199)
  • Regarding Transfer of Control of a Corporation Holding NRC Licensees (HPPOS No. 124)
  • Licensing Status of Titanium Bearing Ores and Waste Products From Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing (HPPOS No. 202)
  • Licensing of Reactor Facilities Prior to Issuance of Operating License (HPPOS No. 120)
  • Regulatory Responsibilities for Byproduct Materials in Non-Power Reactors (HPPOS No. 218)
  • The Meaning of “… May Have Caused or Threatens to Cause …” in 10 CFR 20.403 (HPPOS No. 236)
  • Licensing of Industrial Radiographers at NRC Licensed Operating Reactors and Reactor Construction Sites (HPPOS No. 207)
  • Part 51 Review of Amendment Request From Boston University (HPPOS No. 209)
  • Guidance on the Applicability of 10 CFR 70.19 to Persons Holding a Specific License (HPPOS No. 248)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Organization” style=”2″]
  • Authorized Users’ Supervision of Medical Programs (HPPOS No. 145)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 86-1, Revision 1, “Radioactive Drug Research Committees” (HPPOS No. 262)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Department of Interior, Anchorage, AK; Use of Temporary Radiation Safety Officer (HPPOS No. 306)
  • Technical Assistance Request, NRC Licensed Facilities Requesting to Name a Consultant Physicist as their Full-Time Radiation Safety Officer (HPPOS No. 307)
  • Technical Assistance Request, MPI Pharmacy Services, Inc., License Amendment Regarding Authorized Users (HPPOS No. 282)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Posting and Labeling” style=”2″]
  • Posting of Entrances to a Large Room or Building as a Radiation Area (HPPOS No. 36)
  • NMSS Guidance to Manufacturers Regarding Labeling of Gas and Aerosol Detectors (HPPOS No. 159)
  • Guidance for Posting Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 66)
  • Health Physics Position on Posting of High Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 242)
  • Posting of Notices to Workers – 10 CFR 19.11 (HPPOS No. 157)
  • Further Guidance on Labeling Requirements (HPPOS No. 28)
  • Technical Assistance Request Concerning Posting per 10 CFR 34.42 and Surveys per 10 CFR 20.201 (HPPOS No. 296)
  • 10 CFR 20.203 (f) Enforcement Guidance for Container Labels (HPPOS No. 27)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Procedures” style=”2″]

  • Requirements in ANSI Standards vs. Facility Technical Specifications (HPPOS No. 109)
  • Safety Evaluation of the Proposed Yankee Atomic Power Company’s Modification of their Technical Control of Work Specifications Relating to High Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 15)
  • Humboldt Bay Radiation Protection Procedures (HPPOS No. 129)
  • Interpretation – RG 1.33, Meaning of “Procedure Implementation …,” STS Section 6.8.1 (HPPOS No. 128)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Qualifications” style=”2″]
  • Chemistry and Radiation Protection Technician Training and Qualifications (HPPOS No. 67)
  • Qualification of Reactor HP Technician (HPPOS No. 22)
  • Enforceability of NRR Letter Regarding “Individuals Qualified in Radiation Protection Procedures.” (HPPOS No. 21)
  • Chemistry Technician Training and Qualifications (HPPOS No. 62)
  • Clarification of Regulatory Guide 1.8 on Qualification of Radiation Protection Manager (HPPOS No. 20)
  • Qualification (Experience) of Contractor Health Physics Technicians (HPPOS No. 19)
  • ANO – Units 1 & 2 – Radiochemistry Personnel Qualifications (HPPOS No. 96)
  • Qualification of Radiation Protection Manager – Regulatory Guide 1.8, Revision 1 (HPPOS No. 18)
  • Qualification of Radiation Protection Manager – Regulatory Guide 1.8, Revision 2 (HPPOS No. 217)
  • 10 CFR 34.2 (b) and (c) – Definitions of Radiographer and Radiographer’s Assistant (HPPOS No. 187)
  • Qualification Requirements of Line Health Physics Supervisors (HPPOS No. 172)
  • Recommending Third Party Assistance to Licensees (HPPOS No. 324)
  • Health Physics Position on Task Qualification of HP Technicians (HPPOS No. 238)
  • Technical Assistance Request, American Board of Radiology “Certifications” (HPPOS No. 287)
  • Technical Assistance Request on Whether a Cardiologist Must be Authorized by NRC to Interpret Nuclear Medicine Patient Scans, DePaul Hospital, Cheyenne, WY (HPPOS No. 313)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Reactor Operations” style=”2″]
  • Technical Assistance Request Regarding the Auxiliary Building Ventilation System at Zion Nuclear Power Station (HPPOS No. 323)
  • Technical Assistant Request, Venting of Turbine Building at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station (HPPOS No. 326)
  • Health Physics Position on the Controlling of Beam Ports, Thermal Columns, and Flux Traps as High Radiation Areas (HPPOS No. 235)
  • Applicability of 10 CFR 20.203 (c) to Plants With Standard Technical Specifications 6.12 (HPPOS No. 180)
  • Applicability of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B to Chemicals and Reagents (HPPOS No. 213)
  • Sampling Drywell Atmosphere Before a Release (HPPOS No. 170)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 83-19, “Jurisdiction at Reactor Facilities” (HPPOS No. 265)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Virginia Electric and Power Company, Response to 10 CFR 30.35 (HPPOS No. 312)
  • Air Intrusion into BWR Primary Systems (HPPOS No. 107)
  • Dissolved Noble Gases in Liquid Effluents and Compliance With Technical Specifications 3.11.1 (HPPOS No. 212)
  • Applicability of Regulatory Position 1.3 of Regulatory Guide 8.32 to Nuclear Reactor Facilities (HPPOS No. 233)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Records” style=”2″]
  • Request for Interpretation Regarding Licensee Recordkeeping (HPPOS No. 204)
  • Record Retention at Ex-Licensee After a License has been Terminated (HPPOS No. 205)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Respiratory Protection” style=”2″]
  • Footnote g of Appendix A to 10 CFR 20 Concerning Protection Factor for Respirators (HPPOS No. 225)
  • Intervals Between Physical Examinations for Respirator Users (HPPOS No. 219)
  • Intent of the QA Testing of Respirator HEPA Filters, as Discussed in NUREG-0041 (HPPOS No. 226)
  • Fitness For Duty Rule (HPPOS No. 216)
  • Updated Guidance on Fit Testing of Biopak 60-P Respirator Users (HPPOS No. 146)
  • OSHA Interpretation: Beards and Tight-Fitting Respirators (HPPOS No. 116)
  • Guidance Regarding Physicians’ Determination of Physical Qualification of Respiratory Equipment Users (HPPOS No. 61)
  • Request for Clarification of Guidance Regarding Physicians Determination for Physical Qualification of Respiratory Equipment Users (HPPOS No. 103)
  • Acceptability of New Technology Respirator Fit Testing Devices (HPPOS No. 175)
  • Use of Contact Lenses with Respirators (HPPOS No. 162)
  • Medical Surveillance for Respirator Users (HPPOS No. 117)
  • Respirator User’s Notice – Use of Unapproved Subassemblies (HPPOS No. 147)
  • Airflow Measurement and Control for Supplied-Air Respirators (HPPOS No. 118)
  • Guidance Concerning 10 CFR 20.103 and Use of Pressure Demand SCBA’s (HPPOS No. 94)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Shipping” style=”2″]
  • Transport License Condition – Radiography License (HPPOS No. 195)
  • Two Recent DOT Interpretations on 49 CFR Sections 173.398 (a) (1) and 173.391 (c) (4) (HPPOS No. 165)
  • Request for Interpretation of Applicability of DOT Regulations to NRC-Licensed State or Federal Entities (HPPOS No. 38)
  • Request for Guidance Concerning Use of NRC Certified Casks (HPPOS No. 152)
  • Transportation Enforcement Guidance (HPPOS No. 151)
  • Clarification of Scope of Quality Assurance (QA) Programs for Transport Packages Pursuant to 10 CFR 50, Appendix B (HPPOS No. (60)
  • Transportation of Limited Quantities of Radioactive Materials on Passenger Carrying Aircraft (HPPOS No. 241)
  • Lost or Stolen Radioactive Sources Involved in Transportation (HPPOS No. 153)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 84-18, “Transportation of Irradiator Units Not Meeting Current Requirements of 10 CFR Part 71” (HPPOS No. 263)
  • Licensee’s Responsibility for Shipment of Waste and Radioactive Materials (HPPOS No. 194)
  • DOT Reply to NRC Request for Clarification on Ex Post Facto Declarations by Shippers of Radioactive Materials (HPPOS No. 63)
  • Packing Greater Than Type A Quantities of LSA Radioactive Material for Transport (HPPOS No. 80)
  • Clarification of Certain Requirements for Exclusive-Use Shipments (HPPOS No. 85)
  • 10 CFR 20.311, “Transfer for Disposal and Manifests” (HPPOS No. 220)
  • Clarification of Certain Requirements for Exclusive-Use Shipments of Radioactive Materials (HPPOS No. 84)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Surveillance” style=”2″]
  • Hot Spot Interpretation (HPPOS No. 210)
  • Monitoring at Nuclear Power Plants for Contamination by Radionuclides that Decay by Electron Capture (HPPOS No. 250)
  • Interpretation of 10 CFR 20.201 (b), “Survey Requirements” (HPPOS No. 138)
  • 10 CFR 20.201 (b), “Surveys”, Final Rule – Effective November 20, 1981 (HPPOS No. 10)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Thorium” style=”2″]
  • Exemption of Thorium-Containing Scrap Under 10 CFR40.13 (c) (4) (HPPOS No. 133)
  • Allowable Contamination Limit for Thorium-natural (HPPOS No. 149)
  • Airborne Thorium From Welding Rods (HPPOS No. 255)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Training” style=”2″]
  • Notifications and Reports to Individuals (HPPOS No. 215)
  • Required Continuing Training Program for HP Professionals (HPPOS No. 247)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Continental Airlines, On-the-Job Training of Radiographers (HPPOS No. 276)
  • Clarification on 10 CFR 19.11a, “Posting of Notices to Workers (HPPOS No. 228)
  • New Training Rule for Nuclear Power Plant Personnel (HPPOS No. 325)
  • Request for OGC Interpretation of 10 CFR 35.25 (a), “Instructing the Supervised Individual” (HPPOS No. 303)
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Waste” style=”2″]
  • Waste Volume Reporting Requirements of RG 1.21 and the Need for Waste Classification Documentation (HPPOS No. 291)
  • Jurisdiction Over Low Level Waste Management at Reactor Sites in Agreement States (HPPOS No. 97)
  • Disposal of Solid Scintillation Media (HPPOS No. 295)
  • Commercial Storage at Power Plant Sites of Radwaste Not Generated by the Utility (HPPOS No. 92)
  • 10 CFR 50.59 Safety Evaluations for Changes to Radioactive Waste Treatment Systems (HPPOS No. 86)
  • Waste Form Technical Position, Revision 1 (HPPOS No. 290)
  • Letter Dated May 20, 1992, Regarding Alternative Method of Disposal for Contaminated Plastic Test Tubes (HPPOS No. 300)
  • Mixed Nuclide Classification (HPPOS No. 289)
  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste Scaling Factors, 10 CFR Part 61 (HPPOS No. 81)
  • Technical Assistance Request Dated September 11, 1992, Regarding the University of Pittsburgh Incinerator Ash Disposal Request and New Information Applicable to August 6, 1991 TAR (HPPOS No. 285)
  • Jurisdiction of Mobile Radwaste Units Operating at Nuclear Power Plants (HPPOS No. 78)
  • Use of Hydro Nuclear Service Dry Active Waste Disposal (HPPOS No. 106)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 86-10, “Onsite Burial by Material Licensees” (HPPOS No. 258)
  • Transfer and/or Disposal of Spent Generator (HPPOS No. 127)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Department of the Interior, Salt Lake City, UT; Apparent Request to Store Low-Level Waste for Decay for a Time in Excess of Five Years (HPPOS No. 278)
  • Disposal Requirements for Specific and Exempt Licensed Smoke Detectors (HPPOS No. 150)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Authority to Receive Returned Waste Originally Generated Under an NRC License, Westinghouse Electric Corporation (HPPOS No. 274)
  • Technical Assistance Request, Disposal of Liquid Waste into Arctic Ocean (HPPOS No. 271)
  • Scope of Exemption in 10 CFR 20.303 (d) for Disposal of Patient Excreta in Sanitary Sewers (HPPOS No. 35)
  • Applicability of 10 CFR 20.303 (d) to Disposable Diapers Contaminated with Tc-99m (HPPOS No. 34)
  • Exemption of H-3 or C-14 Contaminated Scintillation Media or Animal Tissues Under 10 CFR 20.306 (HPPOS No. 31)
  • Burial of Patients With Permanent Implants (HPPOS No. 30)
  • Definition of Waste Gas Storage Tank Radioactivity Limits (HPPOS No. 4)
  • Disposal of Byproduct Material Used for Certain In Vitro Clinical or Laboratory Testing (HPPOS No. 169)
  • Clarification of Generic Letter 81-38, “Storage of Low Level Radioactive Wastes at Power Reactor Sites” (HPPOS No. 239)
  • Surveys of Wastes from Nuclear Reactor Facilities Before Disposal (HPPOS No. 73)
  • Disposal of Exempt Quantities of Byproduct Material (HPPOS No. 190)
  • Policy and Guidance Directive FC 90-3, Licensing of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage by Materials and Fuel Cycle Licensees. (HPPOS No. 264)
  • Disposal of Exempt Quantities of Radioactive Material (HPPOS No. 43)
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