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Because the issues of radiation and radioactivity can be foreign to many, it’s not unusual for questions to arise. Sometimes the questions are simple ones that can be addressed with a simple answer, and sometimes they call for a more comprehensive approach.  Plexus-NSD is pleased to offer visitors to this web site an opportunity to ask a Certified Health Physicist (CHP) a question on any radiological issue that your firm or organization is facing.

In addition, because we have received a number of highly insightful questions that might be of interest to other visitors to our site, we have posted some of the most recent ones, along with the responses we provided.

Questions & Answers

If you would like to Ask A CHP a question about radiation or radioactivity, please take a moment to read some answers to other questions to be sure yours hasn’t already been asked (use the “Search” feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page to look for a specific topic).  You can then ask a CHP your question by simply by filing in the form below.  You’ll have your answer just as soon as possible . . . but definitely within 10 business days!  Try to frame your question as completely as you can.  And please let us know if you would rather not have your question (and the CHP’s answer) posted.

Keep in mind that the answer given to you by one of our CHPs will be as accurate and defensible as possible in light of the content, form, context and assumptions presented in the question, and that the response given may not be universally applicable.  As always, however, a discussion with a radiation protection professional is warranted prior to acting on any response.

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