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Safety, Environment & Emergencies

General Safety Information

1st OSHA Safety Training
Advanced Graphic Engraving (safety signs)
Airline Safety Information
American Society of Safety Engineers
HAZMAT Safety (courtesy of the DOT)
MSDS Links (courtesy of McDonald Laboratory)
MSDS Online
NewNational Environmental Trainers, Inc.
National Safety Council
National Toxicology Program (NIH)
NIOSH Databases
Occupational Safety and Health Database (courtesy of CIS)
Occupational Safety and Health Net
OSHA-Pros USA (training)
Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (courtesy of NIOSH)
Pollution Online
PureSafety (EHS Training)
Safeguards Techniques and Equipment (courtesy of the IAEA)
Safety and Health Management Systems e-TOOL (courtesy of OSHA)
Safety Online (marketplace for industry professionals)Safeguards Techniques and Equipment (courtesy of the IAEA)
Specific Medical Tests for OSHA Regulated Substances
Underwriters Laboratories
Vermont SIRI (Safety Information on the Internet)
Working Safe: How to Help People Actively Care for Health and Safety (E. Scott Geller)

General Environmental Information

C. Scott Eves, LLC Land Use Management and Consulting
Climate Prediction Center
Environmental News Link
Environmental Protection Managzine (Management and Problem-Solving for Environmental Professionals)
Environmental Yellow Pages
FEMA Flood Map Store
FEMA Map Service Center (flood maps)
Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information
Waste Science Inc. (Still another good company to work with)
Wetlands Institute

Emergency Assessment and Response Resources

Adult/Pediatric Field Medical Record (PDF courtesy of AFRRI)
Biodosimetry Worksheet (PDF courtesy of AFRRI)
Bioterrorism Articles (free from JAMA)
Combating Illicit Trafficking in Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials (IAEA NSS No. 6)
Dirty Bombs (a USNRC fact sheet)
Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry (PDF report courtesy of FEMA)
Emergency Manager’s Toolbox (courtesy of All Hands Consulting)
Evacuation Plans and Procedures (courtesy of OSHA)
Emergency Responder Wallet Card
Emergency Response and Preparedness (courtesy of the CDC)
Emergency Response Guidebook (for first responders after transportation incidents; courtesy of the DOT)
Facts About DTPA (courtesy of CDC)
Facts About Evacuation During a Radiation Emergency (courtesy of CDC)
Facts About Prussian Blue (courtesy of CDC)
Guidance for Radiation Accident Management (a training program courtesy of REAC/TS)
How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies (PDF report courtesy of OSHA)
Just in Time (10 rules for the public and citizen responders in the event of nuclear detonation; courtesy of the HPS)
Managing Hazardous Material Incidents (a training series from the ATSDR)
Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents (USEPA)
Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents (a pocket guide courtesy of REAC/TS)
Medical Management of Radiological Casualties (PDF report courtesy of AFRRI)
Method for Developing Arrangements for Response to a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (PDF report courtesy of the IAEA)
Mineral Gallery (physical properties of minerals)
National Homeland Security Knowledgebase
Nuclear Power Plant Investigation of Events (IAEA-TECDOC-1600)
Nuclear Terrorism Incidents (a listing compiled by W. R. Johnston)
Nuclear Terrorism (a novel by Graham Allison, plus “blast maps”)
Ohio Declaration of Material Assistance (Homeland Security)
Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation
Potassium Iodide (General Information and tablet alternatives from KI4U)
Preparation, Conduct and Evaluation of Exercises to Test Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (courtesy of CDC)
Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local and Tribal Public Health Directors
Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM)
Radiological Dispersal Device First Responder’s Guide (PDF)
Radiological Emergency Response (courtesy of the USEPA)
Radiological Terrorism: Emergency Management Pocket Guide for Clinicians
Radiological Training Services, LLC (training videotapes)
Ready.gov (emergency preparedness tips from our new Department of Homeland Security)
REMPAN (WHO’s emergency response program)
Safeguarding Buildings Against Chemical or Biological Attack (courtesy of LBL)
Terrorism Response:  A Checklist and Guide for Fire Chiefs
Training in Emergency Preparedness and Response (courtesy of the IAEA)
Training for Emergency Preparedness and Response (PDF publication courtesy of the IAEA)
US Army Public Health Command
UXO Pro (unexploded ordinance expertise)
Virtual Hospital Home Page
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Desk Book (courtesy of the DTRA)