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Waste Transport and Disposal

An important Special Service that Plexus-NSD provides is radioactive waste brokerage, wherein we assist our clients in transporting radioactive waste and contaminated items from their site to a processing facility for subsequent disposal.  And while there are a number of competing brokers throughout the country, Plexus-NSD’s service differs from theirs because we are not tied to specific waste packaging (containers), processes, modes of transport or disposal sites.  As a result, each contract is “tailor-made” for the generator and at the lowest cost available at the time of the project.  Most important is the fact that our clients can count on demonstrable quality in Plexus-NSD’s service because our operations and procedures have been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 international quality standard, and they are audited by an independent third-party once per year.

Plexus-NSD’s Nuclear Services Division personnel are experienced with shipping and arranging for transport and disposal of by-product material, NORM waste, sealed sources, demolition waste, mixed wastes and a host of others.  We hold a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) License for Delivery (No. T-TN055-L06), we maintain significant liability and transportation insurance coverage, and all of our shippers/brokers hold the necessary certifications for preparing and offering waste shipments for transport.

When contacted by clients about disposing of radioactive waste or other unwanted materials, we are not driven towards ‘disposal for a fee at all costs’.  If available, other alternatives such as re-cycle/reuse, risk-based release and others are presented for client consideration.  And if there is no commercial disposal alternative, as in the case of unwanted sealed radiation sources, our services consist of registering the sources for acceptance by the Off-Site Source Recovery Project where there is no disposal fee.

Every now and then, our competition – with their ‘one size fits all’ services – is able to offer a lower cost than Plexus-NSD. Most of the time, however, Plexus-NSD is able to secure significant cost reductions by simply thinking outside the box, looking for opportunities that are sometimes fleeting, and evaluating all of the options. So before you sign your next purchase order for waste brokering services, we invite you to Contact Us to see if we can give you more for your money.  If not, you will know it right away; if so, you will come out ahead! Our Nuclear Services Division is standing by to tell you more about our waste brokering services, and to give you a firm, fixed price quote for a solid technical solution to disposing of your staged waste or materials.