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Non-Radiological Services

Now that the “former Plexus-NSD” has joined forces with Plexus Scientific Corporation (Plexus), our joint capabilities have expanded significantly, and we’re proud to have a much larger and more diverse pool of professional talent.  Where previously Plexus-NSD provided radiation-related consulting and services, and subcontracted the non-radiological services we so often needed, we no longer need to do that, and the result is a more efficient and cost-effective delivery system!

We are pleased to offer quite a number of non-radiological services to our valued clients and visitors to this web site.  Plexus has a long history of providing environmental support services, remediation services, and more to government agencies and commercial facilities.  We have successfully completed hundreds of multi-phase, multi-discipline projects that involved investigation, design, remedial action, long-term monitoring, and various combinations of these.  Our seasoned and credentialed staff have cutting-edge experience with hazardous, toxic, radioactive, and munitions contaminants in groundwater, soil and sediment.  The following are just a few examples of the services Plexus provides:

  • CERCLA and RCRA Investigations and Feasibility Studies
  • Groundwater evaluations, management and remediation
  • Remediation methods for multimedia contaminated sites
  • Land area (soil) investigation and remediation
  • Environmental assessments
  • Soil gas and vapor intrusion surveys and studies
  • Contaminated soil removal and disposal
  • Evaluation and optimization of legacy remediation systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of remediation systems
  • Regulatory analysis and consulting

When it comes to remediation, Plexus doesn’t follow the crowd.  Instead, innovative solutions that are technically sound, legally defensible, and cost effective are standard practice.  Here are just a few examples of what differentiates us from the competition:

  • Skilled at practical application of new and emerging remediation technologies
  • Successful reduction of client risk and improved budget certainty using performance-based contracts
  • Able to improve corporate images through our history of achieving green and sustainable goals for our remedial systems
  • Able to reduce current life-cycle costs by optimizing legacy remediation systems
  • Driven towards and successfully meeting objectives for regulatory site closure

Plexus employs strategies that integrate innovative technology, regulatory feasibility and economic practicality into sustainable solutions that are consistent with client objectives, community needs and environmental protection.  We are confident that any non-radiological issues one might be facing can be addressed and resolved with the same attention to quality and customer service as the “former Plexus-NSD” has provided over the years.

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about the broad-based and experienced perspective that Plexus can bring to your team, please take a look at our “Why Plexus” brochure.  We would also be pleased to provide you with a list of satisfied customers who will attest to our capabilities.  Simply Contact Us to find out if Plexus has answers for you!