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Radiation Safety Resources

Professional Resources

Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium
BEIR VII Phase 2 (pre-publication copy)
Bernard (Bernie) Cohen’s Home Page
Compendia of Dose Estimates (courtesy of RIDIC)
Depleted Uranium Information (courtesy of WHO)
Dosimetry Resources International, LLC (dosimetry support services and training)
Downloadable Software from the EPA
Environmental Exposure Report (Depleted Uranium in the Gulf)
External Dosimetry Information (courtesy of RADAR)
Forms (for USNRC licensees)
Fusion Physics (IAEA Technical Publication)
Health physics links (courtesy of McDonald Laboratory)
Listing of Certified Health Physicists (by city and state)
Low-level Rad Waste and Sealed Source Disposal Toolbox (courtesy of USNRC)
Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents (USEPA)
NDT Resource Center (a variety of resources for non-destructive testing personnel)
NESHAP Toolkit (courtesy of USEPA)
New Jersey DEP Certified Analytical Laboratories
Nuclear Advocacy Network (NAN)
Nuclear Criticality Safety Program (USDOE)
Nuclear InfoRing
Office of Compensation Analysis and Support (NIOSH site for nuclear worker compensation)
Off-site Source Recovery Project (sealed source recovery)
One Nuclear Place
Parameter Source Catalogue (dose modeling information courtesy of ISCORS)
Preliminary Remediation Goals (courtesy of the USEPA, Region 9)
Proceedings of the 42nd Annual CRCPD National Conference on Radiation Control
RADAR (RAdiation Dose Assessment Resource)
Radiation and Health Physics Page
Radiation Health Fact Sheets (courtesy of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency)
Radiation Information Network (Bruce Busby’s Page)
Radiation Injury Information
Radiation Protection Photos and Images (courtesy of F. Dawson)
Radiation Resources (helpful hints from LRRI)
Radioactive Waste (a collection of papers on waste management and disposal)
Rad NESHAPs (courtesy of the USEPA)
Radwaste.org (A guide to radioactive waste resources on the web)
Requests for Dose Records (access your own dose records reported pursuant to 10 CFR 20.2206)
RSO Toolbox (courtesy of Idaho State University)
Sealed Source and Device Registry (disabled)Shipping Cask Certificates of Compliance (courtesy of USDOE’s RAMPAC)
SRIM & TRIM (particle interactions with matter, courtesy of J. Ziegler)
The UX Weekly (uranium market information from the Ux Consulting Company)
Toxicological Profile Information Sheets (courtesy of ATSDR)
USDOE Office of Worker Advocacy Web Site
Useful Radiation Safety References & Web Sites
(The) Virtual Nuclear Tourist (learn about nuclear power, world-wide)
Waste Processors and Brokers (listing courtesy of LLW Forum)
World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Uranium Project
World Nuclear Fuel Facilities (courtesy of WISE)
Y2K Health Physics Information

Programs, Procedures and Forms

Animal Protocol Template
Radiation Physics for Personnel and Environmental Protection (FERMILAB-TM-1834)
Radiation Safety Procedures Template
Radiation Safety Forms
Radiation Safety Manual (courtesy of Duke University)
Radiation Safety Manual (University of Rochester)
USEPA Radiation Protection Programs
U. S. Navy Radiation Health

Transportation Resources

Nuclear Materials Transportation (courtesy of the USNRC)
Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (DOT)
RAMPAC (radioactive material packaging and transportation web site)
Standard Review Plan for Transportation Packages for Radioactive Material (NUREG-1609)

Decommissioning Resources

CLU-IN (Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information from the USEPA)
D&D Management Information Tool Kit
Decommissioning, Decontamination & Reutilization (courtesy of American Nuclear Society)
Decommissioning Program Documents for USNRC Sites
Directory of Information Resources on Radioactive Waste Management, Decontamination and Decommissioning, and Environmental Restoration Data as of June 1995 (IAEA)
Methods for the Minimization of Radioactive Waste from Decontamination and Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (IAEA)
Nuclear Decommissioning Report
Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Technologies (IAEA-TECDOC-1602)
Policies and Strategies for the Decommissioning of Nuclear and Radiological Facilities (IAEA)
Regulatory Issue Summary for Decommissioning Plans Lessons Learned
RESRAD Family of Codes
R S Means Cost Estimating Guides
Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation, Newfield Decommissioning Project (restricted release)
Soil Sampling for Environmental Contaminants (IAEA-TECDOC-1415)
Technology Reference Guide for Radiologically Contaminated Surfaces (PDF courtesy of USEPA)
Triad Resource Center
USNRC Terminated License Tracking System

Nuclear Data and Information

LBNL/Lund Nuclear Data Service
National Nuclear Data Center (Brookhaven)
Nuclear Data Services (couresty of IAEA)
Nuclear Data Services (NEA Data Bank)
Tables of Mass Attenuation and Mass Energy Absorption Coefficients (courtesy of NIST)

Sealed Sources

CRCPD and SCATR Source Collection and Threat Reduction
Increased Controls Guidance (USNRC)
QCQA (buy and sell used devices)
Radioactive Source Exchange Database
Sealed Radioactive Sources (USEPA)

General Interest Information

ABCs of Nuclear Science
Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues (courtesy of Washington and Lee University)
American Nuclear Society Brochures
Atmospheric Cherenkov Light (including a simulation)
Bureau of Atomic Tourism
Cabinet X-ray Systems
Constants, Units and Uncertainty (by NIST)
Dangerous Laboratories
Depleted Uranium (NATO Information page)
Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (Department of Labor)
Electromagnetic Spectrum (courtesy of NASA)
Environmental Exposure Report (Depleted Uranium in the Gulf)
Food Irradiation FAQs (courtesy of the CDC)
Food Irradiation (with a Quicktime video tour of a plant)
Frequently Asked Questions About Food Irradiation (courtesy of the CDC)
Fusion Energy Educational Web Site
Holy Isotopes (radioactivity at our nation’s capitol?)
How Nuclear Radiation Works (courtesy of Howstuffworks.com)
HPS “Ask the Expert” FAQs on Radiation Basics
IAEA Iraq Nuclear Verification Office
Informed Scientists for Radiation
Identifying Radioactive Scrap (precautions courtesy of ISRI)
Junk Science Home Page (All the junk that’s fit to debunk!)
Kids Page (USEPA Environmental Kid Club)
(The) Language of the Nucleus (a nuclear glossary)
Long Duration Exposure Facility (courtesy of NASA Langley)
National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
(The) Nuclear Energy Option (a book by Dr. Bernard L. Cohen)
Nuclear Power: Villain or Victim? (a book by Dr. Max Carbon)
Nuclear Reaction: Why do Americans Fear Nuclear Power
Nuclear Science (Teacher’s guide to the nuclear science wall chart courtesy of LBL)
Nuclear War Survival Skills
On-Line Tour (University of Virginia Reactor Facility)
Operate your own Tokamak Reactor
Particle Adventure – Fundamentals of Matter and Forces (courtesy of LBL)
Potassium Iodide FAQs
Principles for Evaluating Epidemiological Data
Radiation Dose Chart (putting dose into perspective)
Radiation Dose from Airport Scanners (courtesy of AAPM)
Radiation Exposure Compensation Program
Radiation Protection (courtesy of the European Commission)
Radioactive Products and Other Sources of Radiation (courtesy of Black Cat Systems)
Radioactive Scrap – Be Aware! (poster courtesy of the USNRC)
RadNet Monitoring Map (USEPA’s monitoring system results for the US)
Request your Own Dose Record
Safety and Health Topics: Ionizing Radiation (courtesy of OSHA)
Science Odyssey
TESIS (Technology Services Information System, courtesy of NIST)
(The) Traveler’s Guide to Nuclear Weapons
University of Wisconsin Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
U. S. House of Representatives (Home Page)
U. S. Senate (Home Page)
What You Need to Know About Radiation (By Lauriston S. Taylor)
Whistleblower Collection (courtesy of the US Department of Labor)
Your Nuclear News

Historical Information

America’s First Peacetime Atom Bomb Fatality
Brief Chronology of Radiation and Protection (J. E. Weaver)
Chernobyl Ten Years On (report by the OECD)
Cold War Era Civil Defense Museum
Diefenbunker – Cold War Museum from our Canadian Friends
Fact Sheet on the Accident at Three Mile Island (courtesy of the USNRC)
Fermi Creates Controlled Nuclear Reaction
(The) Feynman Lectures on Physics (courtesy of Cal Tech)
First 50 Years of Radiation Protection (Kathern & Ziemer)
Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection (courtesy of ORAU)
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Exhibit
(The) Karen Silkwood Story
Kemeny Commission Report (Accident at TMI)
Leo Szilard – A Biographic Chronology
Lessons of Yucca Mountain (courtesy of YuccaMountain.org)
Marie Curie and the NBS Radium Standards (courtesy of NIST)
Marie Curie and the Science of Radioactivity
Marie Curie: Pioneer of Radiology (link sent by Amy and Caitlin at Brighter Futures Charter School)
National Atomic Testing Museum
Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation (with the Atomic Testing Museum)
Niels Henrik David Bohr
Nuclear Files
Nuclear Test Images (courtesy of Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Old Instrument Photos (courtesy of Southern Radiation)
One Decade After Chernobyl: Summing Up the Consequences of the Accident (PDF Vol. 1)
One Decade After Chernobyl: Summing Up the Consequences of the Accident (PDF Vol. 2)
President’s Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island (reports)
Project Orion (NASA’s next space ship)
Radiationworks (All fission, all the time!)
Radioisotope Power Systems (courtesy of NASA)
Radium Girls of Ottawa, Illinois (YouTube video)
Rocky Flats Cold War Museum
Shoe-fitting Fluoroscope (courtesy of ORISE)
Three Mile Island 1979 Emergency
Three Mile Island (TMI-2) Recovery and Decontamination Collection
Three Mile Island Report Collection (courtesy of Dickinson College)
We don’t need no steenkin’ badges!
Wireless Telegraphy (1911 Article from the Atlantic Constitution)