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Technical Assistance Request, American Board of Radiology “Certifications”

See the memorandum from J. E. Glenn to R. R. Bellamy (and others) dated December 9, 1992. This NMSS memo was written in response to a verbal technical assistance request (TAR) from Region IV concerning the nomenclature of various certifications of the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

The ABR “certifications” recognized by NRC for authorized user status for physicians using materials authorized in 10 CFR Parts 35.300 Radiopharmaceuticals for Therapy), 35.400 (Sources for Brachytherapy), 35.500 Sealed Sources for Diagnostics), and 35.600 (Teletherapy) are described in 10 CFR Parts 35.930 (a) (2), 35.940 (a) (1), and 35.960 (a) (1). Before 1979, the ABR issued a certification in “radiology” which covered both diagnostic and therapeutic radiology. Since the ABR certification in “radiology” includes both diagnostic and therapeutic radiology, it is acceptable for certification for authorized user status under 10 CFR Parts 35.910, 35.920, 35.930, 35.940, 35.950, and 35.960.

However, as with any review of training and experience, the recentness of training and/or certification must be considered. After 1979, the ABR replaced the “radiology” certification with two certifications, “diagnostic radiology” (with an additional designation in “nuclear radiology”), and “therapeutic radiology.”

Certification by the ABR in diagnostic radiology is recognized as meeting the training requirements for authorized users using 10 CFR Parts 35.100, 35.200, and 35.500 material, and certification by the ABR in therapeutic radiology is recognized for authorized users using 10 CFR Parts 35.300, 35.400, 35.500, and 35.600 materials. In 1987, the ABR renamed “therapeutic radiology” as “radiation oncology”. The criteria for certification in radiation oncology are the same as those previously required for therapeutic radiology, and the name was changed to more adequately describe the practice. Since certification in “therapeutic radiology” and “radiation oncology” are synonymous, both may be accepted to decide authorized user status for physicians using 10 CFR Parts 35.300, 35.400, 35.500, and 35.600 materials on a case by case basis until NRC adds the radiology oncology certification to the regulations.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 35

Subject codes: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Applicability: Byproduct Materials