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Acceptance for Referencing, RADMAN Topical Report (WMG-102, as Revised from WMG-101P)

See the letter from L. B. Higginbotham to P.T. Tuite (Waste Management Group, Inc.) dated July 25, 1983. The NRC reviewed the Waste Management Group (WMG) Topical Report on the RADMAN computer code which is a series of routines that can be used by radioactive waste generators to characterize packaged waste; classify waste packages by Part 61 waste classification requirements; and prepare documentation required by 10 CFR Part 61, Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and license conditions at existing low-level waste disposal sites. This health physics position was written in the context of 10 CFR 20.311, but it also applies to “new” 10 CFR 20.2006.

The RADMAN code operates on a waste stream characteristics data base that is specific to the types and forms of waste generated by individual facilities, as well as to the facilityand waste stream-specific distributions of radionuclides and chemical agents. Based on WMG submittals and after NRC review, RADMAN code provides an acceptable vehicle which can be used by licensees as part of compliance with the requirements in 10 CFR 20.311 [or, at present, 10 CFR 20.2006] and with 10 CFR 61.55. This conclusion is predicated on completion of the final Topical Report according to the review assignments and upon the following four conditions:

1. That radionuclide correlations are undated on a waste stream, plant, or generic basis as additional sampling data becomes available. The NRC staff believe that many correlations currently assumed in RADMAN between Co-60 and activation products, and between Cs-137 and fission products may not be valid. The current lack of sampling data, however, precludes established verified correlations at this time in RADMAN for a number of radionuclides of interest.

2. That the manifest formatting provisions of RADMAN are updated to include all of the information required in 10 CFR 20.311 [or 10 CFR 20.2006] when revised manifest forms are made available by disposal site operators.

3. That RADMAN is appropriately updated as State (South Carolina, Washington, Nevada) provisions for compliance with 10 CFR Part 61 waste classification and manifesting requirements are made available.

4. That RADMAN is updated as required to remain consistent with future modifications to NRC, DOT, State or other regulatory requirements as such requirements becomes effective, as well as changes to disposal site license conditions. Should NRC criteria or regulations change such that our conclusions as to the acceptability of the Topical Report are invalidated, WMG, and/or applicants referencing the Topical Report, will be expected to revise or resubmit their respective documentation or submit justification for the continued effective applicability of the Topical Report without revision of their respective documentation.

Regulatory references: 10 CFR 20.311, 10 CFR 20.2006, 10 CFR 61.55

Subject codes: 12.15, 12.17

Applicability: All