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Our Link Policy

Linking to Plexus-NSD’s web site indicates that you accept Plexus-NSD’s web site terms of use and legal restrictions (terms) and that you will abide by these guidelines below.  If you do not accept these terms or agree to abide by these guidelines, do not link to this web site.

Permitted Uses of the Plexus-NSD Web Site

Advance permission to link to the Plexus-NSD web site is not required as long as that linking does not infringe the rights of Plexus-NSD. Plexus-NSD reserves the right to change the URL and content of its pages at any time without notice.  Any link to our site shall be a full forward link that passes the client browser to our site unencumbered. The BACK button shall return the visitor to your site if the visitor wishes to back out.

The Plexus-NSD web site and all Plexus-NSD-created materials in it are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from Plexus-NSD.  In addition, Plexus-NSD’s trade and/or service names and marks may not be used without written consent. Linking individual graphics or tables within our pages, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on our servers, is prohibited.  Such action is considered an inappropriate use of Plexus-NSD’s resources.

Prohibited Uses of the Plexus-NSD Web Site

If you link to Plexus-NSD’s web site, you agree that, at all times, you:

  • Shall not frame or otherwise create a browser or border environment around Plexus-NSD content.
  • Shall not imply that Plexus-NSD is endorsing you or your products.
  • Shall not misrepresent your or your site’s relationship to or with Plexus-NSD.
  • Shall not present false, misleading or inaccurate information about Plexus-NSD or Plexus-NSD’s products or services on your site or otherwise.
  • Shall not use the Plexus-NSD logo without expressed prior written permission from Plexus-NSD.
  • Shall not include re-stated, re-formatted or re-printed Plexus-NSD content on your site without Plexus-NSD’s prior written permission.
  • Shall not include content on your site that is or could be construed as illegal, distasteful, offensive or controversial, and shall include on your site only content that is appropriate for all age groups.
  • Shall not link to an internal or subsidiary page of Plexus-NSD’s web site that is located one or several levels down from the home page or bring up or present content of this site on another site without Plexus-NSD’s prior written permission.  In other words, links shall be to http://www.iem-inc.com.

Reciprocal Links

The Plexus-NSD web site does not enter into reciprocal link agreements even though we do provide links to sites that are appropriate to our mission and goals. Our creation of a link to a site does not obligate that site’s owner to provide a link back to Plexus-NSD, but we welcome reciprocal links.  For questions and concerns about our link policy, or to request a link, please Contact Plexus-NSD.

Any links to content residing outside the Plexus-NSD domain are provided as a convenience to our visitors.  Plexus-NSD has no control over the content of these external sites and does not necessarily endorse any information, products, or services described therein.  If you find an error or if you wish to comment on the content of a linked site, you should contact the webmaster of that site.