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May 19, 2014 – A “Not so New” Face at Plexus-NSD

On April 12th, 2016, posted in: IEM Announcements

May 19, 2014 – Today we are particularly pleased to announce that Mr. Jeffrey W. Sumlin an NRRPT-Registered health physics technician with loads of experience in the applied health physics arena re-joined IEM’s Nuclear Services division.  Jeff was a full-fledged IEM employee a number of years ago but the tug of family obligations pulled him to Albuquerque.  We’re now glad he’s back and we’re happy to say he has slipped back into our operations as if he never left.  Jeff is particularly proficient in the areas of decommissioning environmental remediation radioactive waste management radiation measurements site safety applied health physics and ALARA having worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Sandia National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Hanford. Most recently he served as a Site Supervisor Quality Assurance Inspector Safety Officer Radiological Controls Supervisor and Decontamination and Demolition Supervisor for Chicago Bridge & Iron (formerly Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Inc.) He also retired after 15 years with the U. S. Navy’s nuclear propulsion and radiological controls program. If you haven’t touched base with Jeff in a while give him a call or drop him a line and ask him how he is liking life in Gaithersburg so far. Welcome back Jeff!